Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Award-Winning Musician, Peter Shea, was Esteemed Member of Jazz Community, RIP

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of award-winning St. Catharines musician Peter Shea on August 21, 2022 after a courageous battle with cancer. The talented pianist, drummer and singer was an esteemed member of the Jazz scene and also co-founded the Niagara Jazz Festival. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

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From his wife Juliet Dunn 

Dear friends,

It is with such a heavy heart to announce that my dearest friend, my husband, and my life partner, Peter Shea, has passed away.  Peter had been ill since 2018 and was only diagnosed in June of 2020 with cancer and has been battling ever since.  He has been so courageous and graceful and strong but he is finally out of pain and at peace.  He will always be with us and will be missed by many.

I am heartbroken and there are truly no words.

I will be sharing a link tomorrow that will allow people to share their sweet memories, photos and stories of Peter.  

Thank you for all of your support. 

All my love,


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David Restivo (Musician)

Peter and I hung out in Dubai many years ago when we both had long-term gigs in the UAE. More recently, as he and his wonderful wife and business partner, vocalist Juliet Dunn , created a festival and carved out a vibrant musical scene in the Niagara region, we had opportunities to collaborate musically. 

Pete oozed music out of his pores--he was a gifted pianist, drummer, and vocalist whose zest for life came through in every note he played, and we used to have a blast switching instruments on those occasions when we got to play together. 
I spoke to him about a month ago, and I knew he was fighting for his life, but he sounded upbeat and optimistic, always sunny...he was excited about a new Hammond organ he'd acquired, and we talked about collaborating on future projects. Alas, that will not come to pass. 

My thoughts are with Juliet right now, who has already suffered unbearable losses recently and this just feels like too much. Juliet, I hope you know how much you and Peter are loved in our musical family, and I hope you can feel the collective hug from all of us in this painful time. ❤️
Krysta Lee Gorman (photographer)
I have known and worked on various projects with Peter and Juliet over the last 20 years. I have had the privilege of watching them create so much joy and beauty with their music. My heart aches for dear Juliet who has had to endure more loss this year than anyone should ever have to with the passing of her sister, mother and now her loving husband. 
I watched these last few months as both Peter and Juliet worked to keep moving forward with positivity and love, even with a grim prognosis. Peter pushed himself to keep playing for as long as he could, to find healing through music. 
There is a celebration of life planned for September 12th at White Oakes at 6pm for those who knew and loved him. 
RIP Peter. 💔 My condolences to Juliet, your family and the entire music community who lost one of the greats today. Thank you for sharing your talent and art with us all.

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