Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Amazing Acoustic Energy on Will Ross's New Album: Freeloader

On Freeloader, his glorious new album, Hamilton singer/songwriter Will Ross shows just how much muscle an acoustic guitar can muster.  This is Classic Folk Rock with a lot of punch.

His edgy voice swerves through powerful rhythms, funky beats, hard rocking riffs and everything else he can throw into the mix.  Will's harmonica playing will get you hoppin' as well.

Adding to the sonic vista is Port Dover's Dan Walsh (Slide Gutiar), John David (Drums), Marco Roach (Bass), Garth Mosbaugh of the Nylons (Sax, Piano), Rick Hopkins (Organ), Corrina Keeling (Vocals), Jason McNeil (Percussion), John Kastelic (Viola), Tony Kastelic (Viola), and Nikolai Gurda (Violin). 

You can download this impressive album through his bandcamp page.

Videos above courtesy of Will Ross

Blast from the Past: Video of Will's old band, Psychedellicatessin@Augusta House

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