We can help you promote your events

We can help you promote your events

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Waterloo's SoulDrive Offer Up Spacey, Soulful, Psychedelic Rhythms on Their EP

The Self-titled EP from Waterloo's SoulDrive may be short (5 tracks) but it's oh so sweet!  With a psychedelic 60s meets 70s blues rock sound, it will envelop you in its rhythms and won't let go!

This EP can get spacey but its roots are solidly in old fashioned soul, blues and funk.  You'll be chillin' and partyin' at the same time.

Providing the passionate, stirring, soulful vocals is the amazing Johanna Pavia.  Also,  Nick Rorai McNeil offers up some tasty keyboard riffs and bass licks, Christopher Paleshi ably bends the guitar to his will and Rob Cardy keeps the drums flowing.

If you want a physical CD, it can be picked up at one of their show or by contacting the band.  You can also choose to download it through their Bandcamp Page

Blast from the Past: Souldrive Goes to 2015 Blues Challenge

Videos above courtesy of Johanna Pavia

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Weekday Picks (March 2-5, 2015)

Wednesday with Duane Rutter and George Douglas @ Casbah (Hamilton)
Thursday @ Moonshine Cafe (Oakville)

Tuesday, March 3

7pm Mike Branton@Morty's Pub (Waterloo)

8pm: Jenn Grant@Centre in the Square (Kitchener) $25+

8:30pm: Alabama@Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort $90+

Wednesday, March 4

8pm: An Intimate Evening with Jann Arden@Sanderson Centre (Brantford) $68

8:30pm: Duane Rutter/Brock Zeman/George Douglas@Casbah (Hamilton) $10

8:30pm: Interactive Music Night w Judy and the Noteworthies@Coach and Lantern (Ancaster)

8:30pm Alabama@Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort $90+

9pm: Jon Brooks@Moonshine Cafe (Oakville) $10

Thursday, March 5

7:30pm: Gord Bamford/Boom Chucka Boys@Brock Centre for the Arts (St. Catharines) $35

7:30pm: Harry Manx@Princess Theatre (Waterloo) $40

8pm: ZZ Top@First Ontario Centre $84.25+

8:30pm KC and the Sunshine Band@Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort $25

9pm: Brock Zeman@Moonshine Cafe (Oakville) $10

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hamilton's BrYan SorensEn Groove Trio Mix DJ Beats Into Funky Gold

Stealing from the DJ is the perfect name for the latest EP from Hamilton's  BrYan SorensEn Groove Trio.  They take usually over-polished DJ beats and spice them up with some nasty funk and soul!

If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path, this is the recording for you!  The gang twist and turn the electronic beats into something truly unique.  Songs receive an  injection of  the energy and power of a live rock show (most of the album was recorded live off the floor) into their infectious electronic sound.

Members of the talented trio inclide Bryan Sorensen (vocals, guitar)John Becker (bass) and Rich Hone (drums).  Every one manages to show off of their considerable skills.

You can purchase a physical copy at their great live shows or download it through iTunes.

Blast from the Past: News Roundup Featuring Bryan Sorensen

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jazz Trio 'Jokela Vogan Cooley' Swing, Bounce and Funk It Up on Momentous Debut Album

When three of the best Jazz musicians in the area get together, there's bound to be some awesome music going on.  That's the case with Jokela Vogan Cooley, who've recently released their momentous instrumental, self-titled debut album.

The trio boasts Guelph's Ben Jokela on piano, Waterdown's Garth Vogan on bass and Orangeville's Charlie Cooley on drums.  All three have put their best foot forward with this recording and it definitely shows.

This album has some incredible kinetic energy as the boys bounce, swing, and funk up their way through a few numbers (many recorded live at Manhattans in Guelph).  They also prove their artistry with the slower tracks too.

Grab a copy of the CD at their cool live shows or order it (download too) through their website.

Blast from the Past: Jokela Vogan Christmas CD

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Hamilton's Mississippi Bends Kick Things Off with an Amazing, Rockin' Americana EP

Newly minted Steeltown band, Mississippi Bends have unleashed their fury with an amazing self-titled EP.  This is rockin' Americana made by some of the best musicians around.

The group features incredible singer/songwriter, Mary Simon (vocals, acoustic guitar), in-demand electric guitarist Andrew Aldridge with talented veterans Carrie Ashworth (bass) and Robin Pirson (drums), Each one has an amazing musical resume on their own but together they've forged a high-energy, kickin' Country sound with soul.

Also adding a little twist to the album is Hamilton legend Tom Wilson, who co-wrote the fabulous Go Boy Go with Simon.

You can purchase a physical CD at the band's stunning performances or at Dr. Disc in Hamilton.  It can also be download it via their Bandcamp page.

Videos above courtesy of Mississippi Bends

Blast from the Past: Mississippi Bends on Barber Shop Podcast

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