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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

CONGRATS! Local Artists Win in the 2020 International Singer Songwriter Awards + Complete Winners

In August, the 2020 International Singer Songwriter Awards winners were unveiled and a number of local and Canadian artists were honoured. They came from Hamilton, Brantford, Guelph, and many other area of the country.

Below is a complete list of winners. Canadians are bolded.



Band Single
Music Video
Female Emerging Artist
  • Gold –  Destiny Band Oz
  • Silver –  Polygon
  • Bronze –  Steve Newsome (Alberta)
Female Vocalist
  • Gold – Alexandra Hainsworth
  • Silver –  Jimena Arroyo
  • Bronze –  Cheryl Nye (Montreal)
Male Vocalist
  • Gold – MJ Smallman
  • Silver –  Danny McMahon
  • Bronze – Chris Andres (BC)
Female Single
Male Single
  • Gold – Paolo Nunin – Maybe Because
  • Silver – Rick Snider – The Road (Nova Scotia)
  • Bronze – Johnny Westwood – Rain In Tulsa
Male Songwriter
  • Gold –  Jamey Barron (Montreal)
  • Silver – Davey Anscombe
  • Bronze – Samuel Alexander Barbour
Male Emerging Artist
  • Gold -The Winachi Tribe
  • Silver – Crest Glider
  • Bronze – Shelly Jones Band
Female Songwriter
  • Gold – Fiona Ross
  • Silver – KitCat K
  • Bronze – Julie Ludgate
Radio Station of the Year
  • Gold – Frank Hammer – Radio Country Road 58
  • Silver – Colin Pettitt – Iam4U Radio
  • Bronze – Chad J Country – Spectrum Internet Radio
  • Female Rising Star: Nina Flaaseth
  • Male Rising Star: Daniel Agyin
  • Young Adult Artist: Madison Mueller (Barrie)
  • Vocal Duo: Campbell and Green (Nova Scotia)
  • Sound Engineer: Antonio Vergara
  • Promoter: Robert Steiner
  • Humanitarian of the Year: Dina Lynn


  • Gold – Cliff Wheeler Band
  • Silver – Black Cadillac Kings
  • Bronze –  Jay Ricochet and the BFD
Female Vocalist
  • Gold – Brauninger McDaniel
  • Silver – Jennifer Mlott
  • Bronze –  Montana Modderman
Male Vocalist
  • Gold – Rob O’Mara
  • Silver –  Brian Hedges
  • Bronze – Steve Douthit
Young Adult Artist
  • Gold – Sydney Irving
  • Silver – Rylee Lum
  • Bronze – Trinity Rose
Vocal Duo
  • Gold – The Cranberry Merchants
  • Silver – Ginger Grace / Backhand Sally
  • Bronze – Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke
US Band
  • Gold – Limberlost
  • Silver –  Nashville Non Prophets
  • Bronze –  Cheering Tokyo
  • Gold – Lisa Mitts – The Breakthrough
  • Silver – Trenton Chandler – Ten Steps From Tootsies
  • Bronze –  John David Schrader – 21 Summers
Band Single of the Year
  • Gold – Who Shot Lizzy – I Don’t Give A Damn
  • Silver – Night Owl Country Band – Made In America
  • Bronze –  Chris Jones Band – I Still Do
Female Single 
  • Gold –  Alena Rae – Always Let Go
  • Silver – Rhonda Funk – Someday
  • Bronze –  Zandra Arnold – Work On Me
Male Single
  • Gold –  Dustin Chapman – Plus One
  • Silver – Jason Ray Welsh – Lies In You
  • Bronze –  Randall Rutledge – Me And Southern Comfort
Female Songwriter
  • Gold-  Jessie Lynn
  • Silver- Clare Cunningham
  • Bronze- Lora Ann Pine
Male Songwriter
  • Gold – Bobby Johnson
  • Silver – Ricky Davis
  • Bronze –  Geary Nelson
Music Video
  • Gold – Sera Bullis – Bus Stop
  • Silver – Aubrey Wollett – Better On The Beach
  • Bronze –  DethCadence – Blood Money
Female Emerging
  • Gold –  Tracy Cruz
  • Silver – La La Musiq
  • Bronze – Ashley Walls
Male Emerging
  • Gold –  Dylan Swinson
  • Silver –  Chris Johnson
  • Bronze –  Rollin Jewett
Radio Station
  • Gold – Phil Kranz – Black Dog Indie Country Radio
  • Silver –  Jeff Rickett – Cowboy Joe Radio
  • Bronze –  B.C. Lee –  Florida Country Radio
  • Female Rising Star: Karoline Rhett
  • Male Rising Star: Rylee Nicholson
  • Sound Engineer: Ben Travis
  • Promoter of the Year: Angela McGowan
  • Photographer: Corinne Dean
  • US Rep of the Year: Brian Fagan
  • Humanitarian: Necay Howard
  • Team Recognition: Patty “Rose” Zeller

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Please Support Local Charities

Please Support Local Charities

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Roy Brown's 100th Birthday

Today (September 10, 2020) would have been American RnB legend Roy Brown's 100th birthday.

Biography Highlights (from Wikipedia)
  • Born in Kinder, Louisiana (September 10, 1920) through some records do say 1925 instead.
  • Became a professional boxer for a while (1940's)
  • Won a singing contest at the Million Dollar Theater (1945)
  • Recorded his biggest hit Good Rockin' Tonight (1948)
  • Died of a heart attack (May 25, 1981)
  • Inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame (1981)

Links: Roy Brown, Videos above courtesy of Roy Brown - TopicMore 100th Birthdays

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Please Support Local Charities

Please Support Local Charities

From their website: The Stephen Lewis Foundation launched the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign in March 2006, in response to the emerging crisis faced by African grandmothers as they struggled to care for millions of children orphaned by AIDS. The Campaign aims to raise awareness, build solidarity and mobilize support in Canada for Africa’s grandmothers.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Celebrate Back to School with Videos by Andy Griffiths, Shrimp Daddy, Kinks

Links: Andy GriffithsMore Andy Griffiths StoriesVideo above courtesy of Andy G and Friends

Links: Shrimp Daddy, More Shrimp Daddy StoriesVideo above courtesy of Michael Reid

Links: KinksMore Kinks StoriesVideo above courtesy of KinksMedia

More Back to School Videos

Interested in going back to school for music? Check out our wonderful sponsor, Pick n Sticks. They have incredible music lessons.

For more (mostly adult) education, we recommend the St. Charles Centre (our blogger's day job) who offer high school credit courses, ESL, computer workshops, career programs and more, Also FREE language classes for elementary/secondary school children. 

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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors

Please Support Our Wonderful Sponsors