We're 10 years old this year!

We're 10 years old this year!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Tomi Swick CD

Local singer/songwriter Tomi Swick has released his long-awaited second album and it's definitely worth the wait.

This self-titled CD (available through Warner Music Canada) continues his magnificent melodic rock sound. There's a lot of power here mixed in with quieter moments. Every song is infused with Tomi's well-crafted lyrics.

Highlights include the energetic Ready, the sweet Mine All Mine and a wonderful collaboration with Julian Lennon, December Sky.

The CD is available at his shows, in stores, online and can be downloaded through iTunes.

Below are a few videos from the album, courtesy of Tomi Swick's YouTube page

Blast from the Past: Tomi Swick at the Festival of Friends

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