Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Danny Medakovic CD, Jolley Cut, Makes You Dance and Makes You Think

Dundas singer/songwriter Danny Medakovic has struck the perfect balance between lyricism and rhythm.  On his latest CD, Jolley Cut, the words either tell a story or set a mood.  Also, he and his band give almost everything an infectious bounce.  It's great to dance to but also a little more artistic than your average release.

There's definitely a lot of fun on this album as he takes the listener to the great outdoors, Central America, on the road, and more.  For contrast, the tunes also touch on heartbreak, longing, and nostalgia.

Danny's superb team includes his Fry Truck bandmates Matt Coleman and Carrie Ashworth as well as ex-Fry Trucker Mike Trebilcock.  Other great guests on the album are Marshall Bureau, Chris Altmann, Mary Simon, Ben Bowen, Jay Burr, Troy Dowding, Aaron Zukewich, Jeff Pearce, and Jeff Ball.

You can pick up the CD at his phenomenal live shows or online at Indiepool.  It can also be downloaded through iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Dan Medakovic

Blast from the Past: Video of Dan and Friends at the West Town

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