Sunday, November 30, 2014

Checkerboard Floors Let Loose With Multi-Layered, Rockin' Debut

Local Rock band Checkerboard Floors have let loose their debut CD, Art Project.  It's a multi-layerd, dynamic album packed full of powerful riffs with an alt-rock touch.

The band features two members of the Corduroys: Hamilton's Derek Palango (vocals, guitar), Brantford's Matt Outerson (vocals, bass) along with with Brantford 's Tyler Wilson (vocals, guitar) and Kitchener's Rob Shorney (vocals, drums)

With four vocalists and extraordinary playing from all involved, things never get stale.  Roots, funk, alternative rock, classic rock are all mixed in with panache. You never know what to expect from one song to another.

Go ahead and pick up a copy using Paypal through their site or visit Dr. Disc to purchase it.  You can also download the album through iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Checkerboard Floors

Blast from the Past: Video of Tyler Wilson's Band and More

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