Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Burlington's Steve Dénommée Creates Beautiful Debut Album

With his band, Bare Blue SeaSteve Dénommée does an amazing job of covering the best in Canadian Rock.  Now thanks to his debut album Eponymous, the Burlington singer/songwriter proves his own songs have a place alongside those classics.

Permeated with one character filled song after another, the album is welcome addition to the Canadian music landscape. Expressive vocals, infectious rhythms and beautiful lyrics are the order of the day here.  The music will make you groove and reflect on the world at the same time.

His bandmates contribute a little magic to the collection as well. Bob Moore (drums), Ian Murray (bass, vocals) and Tim Park (guitar) all pop up.  Other guests include Janet Murray (vocals), Robin Smith (keys) and album producer Lee Buckland (guitar).

There are many ways to download this phenomenal recording.  It can be purchased through iTunescdbaby or eMusic.

Videos above courtesy of Bare Blue Sea

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