Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hamilton's Haolin Munk Serves up FREE Album That Will Surprise and Astonish

If Jekyll and Hyde needed a soundtrack, HMEP1, the new FREE recording by Hamilton's Haolin Munk would be a great choice.  The band can play amazing, traditional, funky jazz with the best of them.  They can also burst into some unique, crazy improvs.  Both sides of the musical coin blend well.

Listeners will be pleasantly surprised but what you hear from these instrumentals.  You'll never know when frenetic, wonderful noise will break out. Hip Hop beats pop in occasionally too.  It's no wonder is got a nod for Best Jazz in the 2015 Hamilton Music Awards.

Best of all, Haolin Munk is offereing this incredible album for FREE as a download via their Bandcamp page.

Video above courtesy of Soundcave Productions

Video above courtesy of Homegrown Hamilton

Video above courtesy of Cobalt Connections

Links: Haolin Munk, More Releases

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