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'Shameless Subversion' CD An Amazing Showcase of Local Talent (That Makes a Difference)

Shameless Subversion (from Boxo Studios) is not just an amazing compilation of local music. The project's also an important, artistic, social statement featuring  the best singer/songwriters in the area.  According to producer Kevin Barber, "It's main goal is as a stigma-busting, mood-altering showpiece on the power of music."

Every song speaks to an aspect of mental health: from the many challenges to how music can be used as therapy for the performer as well as the listener.  Never clinical or preachy, these well-written tunes reveal pieces of the puzzle.

You'll find a lot of variety here.  All manner of vocals,  from raw and rough to smooth and enchanting, proclaim their wonderful lyrics.  Musically, there's high quality folk, blues, country, roots and everything in between.  Each song has its own soul but together, they form a fabulous testimony of the mental health world.

Here's the impressive track listing. Click song titles for more information about the individual track
  1. Brad Hails (Killin' Time Band) - Expand
  2. Dave Pomfret - Funeral for a Girl
  3. Jessica Blake - Falling
  4. Duane Rutter - Glory
  5. George C.W. Douglas - Living in the Moment
  6. Maggie Ciere - Reformation
  7. Cindy Dell - The Trouble with Alvin
  8. Jamie Shea - No Place to Go
  9. Kevin Barber - Crazy Pay
  10. Roxanne Flett-Campbell - Mr. Hoot Owl
  11. Grace Darlin - Scarlet Skies
  12. Hannah Bakalar - Stay in the Light
Many of the above artists back each other up plus they also get a helping hand from a number of talented local musicians:  Nick Burson (drums), Andrew Aldridge (guitar), Chris Altmann (peal steel), Michael Birthelmer (acoustic guitar),  Ryan Cannon (bass), Matt Coleman (violin), Gerry Gregg (bass), Anna Jarvis of the Rest (Cello), Craig Koshul of Burnin' Ethyl (guitar), Orange McFarland (bass, banjo), Vincent Sciara (keys).  The beautiful backing vocals are provided by Ginger St. James and Leonard, Burns and Dell.

Produced by Kevin Barber
Mixed by Ryan Cannon, Alek Bromke and Quentin Brillinger
Mastered by Danny Medakovic

Click to see the Barber Shop Podcast episode about this incredible album.

There are many places to pick up this spectacular CD, such as: Dr Disc, Cheapies, Crash Landing, Records on Wheels (Dundas)The Pearl Company and the Mental Health Rights Coalition.  You can also download it through BandcampeMusiciTunes and cdbaby.

Links: Jamie SheaVideo above courtesy of Skumm60

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