Thursday, September 17, 2015

News Roundup (Remembering Billy Berman, Busker Al, Krista Earle, Laura Cole)

We recently found out that former Rick and the Krickets bassist Billy Berman passed away August 9, 2015.  Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Click here for his obituary.

A word from Lou, our Blogger:
"Going to a Krickets show always meant sharing laughs with Billy and hearing his mastery of the bass.  I will miss him dearly."

Rick Prinsthal (leader of the Krickets) had this to say on Facebook:
"Billy and I met 25 years ago. He was always the kind of character I liked being around - lot's of charisma and plenty of laughs. He was also a pretty sharp dresser in those days!. Billy and I worked in a band for about 8 years..recorded a CD, did a lot of driving from one town to the next, and shared a lot of laughs!. I know that Billy is in a good place now, where he is free from his suffering. In fact, he's probably cracking a few good dirty jokes to the angels right now! RIP BILL"

Links: Rick and the KricketsMore Rick and the Krickets StoriesVideo above courtesy of SimVid



The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

Trebleclef had a busy weekend

He was at Supercrawl on Friday and Sunday.

At the Dine Alone Records Booth - Home of Monster Truck , the Arkells and more 
Trebleclef w Tiny Bill Cody at the Not Psychic booth
At the CHCH TV Booth
More pics of the event: Friday, Sunday


Our little monkey spent part of his Saturday at the Locke Street Festival, checking out  a number of great bands!

Left to right: Jack Pedler, Judi Rideout and Mark Foley
Click here for more pictures from the event


He also popped by the Roots and Rails Festival at the Brantford Station Gallery
Kim Koren and Frank Koren
Sue Leonard, Cindy Dell and Brennagh Burns

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