Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CONGRATS! 2015 Spectator Readers' Choice Award Winners

The Hamilton Spectator readers have spoken!  After tabulating the votes, the winner of the 2015 Readers' Choice Awards were announced in the October 30, 2015 edition of the popular local paper.

The top prize (the Platinum award) for local musicians went to folk rockers Eclectic Revival.

Links: More Eclectic Revival StoriesVideo above courtesy of Chris McLeod

Area Metalheads Prismind earned the Diamond award.

Video above courtesy of JohnnyMo69

The Gold award went to the late Hamilton guitar slinger Brian Griffith.

Links: More Brian Griffith StoriesVideo above courtesy of Justin Dunlop

Click here to see the rest of the top ten


Click here for a complete winners listing. Below are the music-relate categories.

Category (Click to see top ten)
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Gold
Local Musician
Concert Venue
Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

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