Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hamilton's Juliana LaChance Unleashes 2 Incredibly Diverse Recordings!

In the past months, Hamilton singer/songwriter, Juliana LaChance unleashed two diverse recordings!  Both are unique musical and artistic statements in their own right.

Late last year, Juliana released, HEYAHO.  In her own words, "This album is a concept album of love passion and spirit".  It's a psychedelic, trippy, poetic, sonic ride featuring short songs with a minimalist, sometimes chanting sound.  If you're in the market for something different, you should definitely check it out.

It's available for download through her Bandcamp page.

Her latest, Crackle Pop, which came out earlier this year has a fuller, poppier feel.  While retaining the poetic and artistic aspect of Juliana's sound, the album features cool, funky beats and some catchy rhythms.  There's even a little rap thrown in.

You can download this album through Bandcamp as well.

Blast from the Past: Juliana's CD - Passion Flowers

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