Monday, May 23, 2016

Hamilton's Colin Cripps on Stunning New Paul Reddick Album!

Hamilton's Colin Cripps (ex-Junkhouse, Blue Rodeo) produced and played guitar on Ride the One, the latest amazing work from Toronto singer/songwriter, Paul Reddick. This Stony Plain release boasts Paul at his absolute best.

A phenomenal mix of roots and Blues, the recording features the Bluesman's innovative harmonica skills, his strong voice and stunning lyrics.  The feel and tone of the album transcends the ordinary.

Colin and Paul are also aided by a collection of talented performers: Greg Cockerill (guitar), Steve Marriner of MonkeyJunk (guitar), Anna Ruddick (bass) and Derek Downham (multiple instruments).  Together, they've created an unforgettable experience.

Copies of this superb CD can be picked up at his live shows or through the Stony Plain Online Shop.  Downloads are available via iTunes.

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