Sunday, January 15, 2017

'Honey Be' Album a Wonderful Legacy for Guelph's Mo' Kauffey

The legendary Mo' Kauffey was working on Honey Be, the debut recording from his duo, Kauffey Temple when he sadly passed away in early 2016.  The album is a wonderful addition of the music legacy he left behind.

Mo' is in amazing form here along with his musical partner, Peter Temple on harmonica and backing vocals. There are five studio tracks filled with Mo's laid-back, folky style of blues. Six live tunes follow from one of his final shows at the the Boathouse. The band do an amazing job on the originals and the handful of covers.

Joining the to duo are John Lee  of Pappy Johns Band (keys), Chris Latta of Soulstack (guitar), Al Richardson (bass), Maciej Lukasiewicz (drums) and Don Featherstone (sax). Backup vocals are handled superbly by Cheryl Lescom, Jesse Webber, and Cory Williams.

You can pick up a copy of this amazing disc from Encore Records or Try City Music in Kitchener. It's also available online at cdbaby and iTunes.  It's a great way to remember Mo'.

Blast from the Past: Videos of Kauffey Temple

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