Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Hot, Dirty and Nasty CD from Hamilton's TG Swampbusters (ft Tim Gibbons)

Hamilton's TG Swampbusters (the newest project of the legendary Tim Gibbons) is back with another hot, dirty, nasty slab of musical gumbo! The latest album, Swamp Rock Country Blues continues the rough and tumble spirit of its predecessor.

This is music you can just feel in your bones. It ain't always pretty but it'll stir you up just right.

You can pick up one of these incredible CDs at their blazing live show. It also can be purchased at Dr. Disc, Picks N Sticks, Urban Hamilton Artists, Crash Landing, or Cheapies. If you need to get it online, the album's available through cdbaby.

Blast from the Past: Previous Swampbusters CD - Swamp Tooth Comb

Links: Tim GibbonsMore Tim Gibbons StoriesMore Releases, Video above courtesy of BOYDWILSONFILMS

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