Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Hamilton's David Lum Weaves Interesting Stories and Unforgettable Music on Latest Album

David Lum's a name that should be in every discerning folk/roots lovers collection. True North, the Hamilton singer/songwriter's latest album, would be a great addition to anyone's musical library.

David masterfully weaves stories imbued with interesting characters and emotional situations. The wondrous storytelling is enhanced by his unforgettable voice and unrivaled talent for acoustic folk. Listeners will lose themselves in these musical tales,

David's in a number of great groups and he's enlisted a number of bandmates to help him out.  From
Sing Me a River there's Dorothea Smith and Kathy Lepp. Outside the  Box bandmates Gwen Potter, Peter Light also join in. Julie McCann from Hazy Maidens adds her vocal talent to the recording as well.

CD's are available at his fabulous live shows and can be downloaded through CD Baby (physical as well), Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

Blast from the Past: David's Previous CD

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