Thursday, April 9, 2020

Local Artists Honour the Late John Prine

Sadly, the world lost John Prine, one of the most respected and loved songwriters of all time on April 7th.

Local artists jumped online to honour this legendary man with incredible covers of his work.

Links: Lee Harvey OsmondMore Lee Harvey Osmond StoriesVideo above courtesy Tom Wilson

Links: Robin BenedictMore Robin Benedict StoriesVideo above courtesy of Robin Benedict

Links: Tripleplay (Paul's Band), More Tripleplay stories, Video above courtesy of Paul Lawrence

Links: Dave GouldMore Dave Gould StoriesVideos above courtesy of Dave Gould

Links: Andy GriffithsMore Andy Griffiths StoriesVideo above courtesy of Andy Griffiths

Now a video of the man himself.

Links: John Prine, More John Prine Covers/Stories, Video above courtesy of John Prine

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