Sunday, January 31, 2021

Kicking Off Black History Month w Videos ft John Ellison, Jackie Washington, Sharon Musgrave, Viola Desmond

Historical Bits

  • John Ellison is the writer of the world-famous song Some Kind of Wonderful which he first recorded as part of the Soul Brothers Six.
  • John moved from the States to Canada. He became a Canadian citizen in 2006.
  • He currently resides in Dundas.

Links: John EllisonMore John Ellison StoriesVideo above courtesy of John Ellison - Topic

Historical Bits:

  • Jackie spent most of his life in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • In 1948, Jackie became the first Canadian black disc jockey when he was hired by Hamilton's CHML
  • Jackie was a major force in the Canadian blues scene for decades.
  • He passed away in 2009.

Links: Jackie WashingtonMore Jackie Washington StoriesVideo above courtesy of Jackie Washington - Topic

Historical Bits:

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