Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hamilton Blues Lovers Getting Into Comic Book Publishing

The Hamilton Blues Lovers empire is expanding!

HBL has decided to get into the comic book business big time.

Lou, our esteemed blogger and CEO has been a comic book fan for decades and has decided to throw his hat into the funny book arena.

"After a lifetime of reading comics, "Lou's said, "I've now embarked on a new business journey and will publish the best comics around. I spared no expense in hiring the most talented comics book creators in the business: Todd McFarlane, John ByrneAlan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Neal Adams, and April Fulcilli."

The first issue to come out of this soon-to-be-legendary venture is Super-Treble Comics, a new monthly series starring our monkey mascot Treble in super-heroic adventure that puts the Avengers to shame.

Click here for a free preview of the first fabulous issue!

Other comic book titles will to come out in the next couple of months, including:

  • Crisis on Infinite Monkeys (a 12 issue multi-world epic)
  • M.O.N.K.I.E. Agents (super-hero spy team)
  • Treble vs the Banana Zombies (horror series)
  • Simian Romance 
  • Astro-Monkey (sci-fi)
  • Game of Chimps (fantasy)
  • The Banana Peel Gang (humour)

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