Friday, March 4, 2022

Awe-Inspiring Local Lyrics in 2022! JP Riemens, Michael J Birthelmer, Michelle Titian

HBL's wonderful marketing queen, Linda continues to off what talented songwriters we have in the area. Every weekend, through her Facebook hashtag #LocalLyricsShowcase, she posts full lyrics and a video for a superb local song. Check them out here.

Here are the first postings from 2022

Links: JP RiemensMore JP Riemens StoriesClick here for lyricsVideo above courtesy of Cindy Dell

Links: Michael BirthelmerMore Michael Birthelmer StoriesClick Here for LyricsVideo above courtesy of Michael J Birthelmer - Topic

Links: Michelle Titian, More Michelle Titian StoriesClick Here for LyricsVideo above courtesy of Michelle Titian

More Local Lyrics Showcase Posts

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