Sunday, September 18, 2022

August and September 2022 Episodes of 'Sold on Hamilton With Judy Marsales

On August 6 and September 10, 2022 CHML 900AM in Hamilton more fabulous episodes of the 'Sold On Hamilton with Judy Marsales' radio show.

This wonderful show is generally broadcast on the first Saturday on the month between 11am and 12pm. It is hosted by Judy Marsales, owner of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd (a proud HBL sponsor) and an amazing local music supporter. The program showcases the best and brightest citizens of the Hammer, including many musicians. Judy also discusses the Hamilton housing market.

The August 6, 2022 show featured Karen Craig of Living Rock, Meredith McLeod of Hamilton City Magazine and real estate broker, Lisa Blunt from Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd.

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The September 10, 2022 show featured Paul Cavanagh of the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Stephen Macartney of Raintree Irrigation & Outdoor Systems, and Tim Potocic of Supercrawl

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