Saturday, August 5, 2023

1st Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinctions

From the Blues and Roots Radio announcement

The first recipients of the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” have been selected.

Blues Legend: Chuck Jackson

Links: Chuck JacksonMore Chuck Jackson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Duncan Bristow

Through over 50 years of live musical performance, and serving as a founder and Director of the Southside Shuffle for 25 years, Chuck Jackson’s contributions to the Canadian Blues Collective meet the strict mandate to be acknowledged with the distinction of “Blues Legend”. With the distinction, Jackson will receive a physical representation of his “Blues Legend” status, and full authority to recognize up to two musicians with the “Blues Legacy” distinction. In keeping with the two-tiered, musician-led formula, Jackson has selected the artists to be acknowledged with the Blues Legacy Distinction:

Blues Legacy: Richard “Hock” Walsh (vocalist), and Jane Vasey (piano)

Links: “Hock” Walsh, Video above courtesy of Ralph B Mac Donald

Links: Jane Vasey, More Downchild StoriesVideo above courtesy of Radio Gordo

In response to being the first recipient of the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction”, Jackson shared his thoughts about the initiative:

“To be the first recipient, I’m very honoured. I’m looking forward to seeing this continue to grow – Canada has a rich resource of Blues musicians who deserve to be recognized, and this is a really good way to do it. There are so many artists in Canada who have made an impact, who haven’t been recognized through programs that are out there, and this is something different. To be able to name Hock Walsh and Jane Vasey is also something I am very happy to do - both of them have made great contributions through music, and this is recognition they should have had a long time ago. There are a lot of artists who have passed, who are deserving, and this is a way for people to have an opportunity to learn about their musical contributions. Like I said, this is something I’m looking forward to seeing grow, and I’m very honoured to be the first recipient and name Hock and Jane as two of the people who deserve this recognition too.”

Jackson is scheduled to be presented with a physical award acknowledging the distinction on Thursday August 17th, 2023 as part of the 25th annual Southside Shuffle’s opening event, The Beggars Blues Banquet. The event takes place at the Port Credit Legion in Port Credit, Ontario.

For event and ticket information, visit

The “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” is a new initiative that strives to acknowledge the musicians who have made an impact within the Canadian Blues Collective. Founded and funded by Canadian Blues artist Erin McCallum, the distinction is two-tiered; musicians who are recognized as “Blues Legends” (they must meet a strict mandate to be eligible) are automatically given the opportunity to acknowledge up to two musicians (who also meet the outlined criteria) to be given the distinction of “Blues Legacy”.

In addition to “Blues Legends” being acknowledged with a physical recognition, all musicians who are acknowledged via the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” will receive a written acknowledgement. Each written acknowledgement will be published with the intention of creating an accessible resource for people worldwide to learn about the notable Blues musicians who have made an impact within the Canadian Blues music Collective.

Blues and Roots Radio Canada will be the official online platform for people to access information about this initiative, and the artists who receive the Blues Legend and Blues Legacy distinctions.

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