Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flesh and Machine: An Adventurous, Daring Project From Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois latest musical adventure Flesh and Machine (released through Red Floor Records) is a challenging album and people looking for the same old same old should move along.  Those who stay for the journey will find themselves rewarded with a unique experience.

Daniel creates ambient sonic instrumental landscapes that defy categorization and pigeonholing.  Both traditional and modern electronic musical tools are used to paint with sound.  This is an album to savour - not just put on as background music.

There are a few people lending a hand with this daring experiment.  Rocco Deluca adds some chanting, drummer Brian Blade offers up a few beats and bassist Jim Wilson pitches in as well.

This bold album can be purchased through Red Floor Records (LP available) or downloaded via iTunes.

Blast from the Past: Daniel Lanois' Black Dub Project

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