Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kitchener's Richard Garvey Creates Pleasant, Inviting Album

Where Fools Gather, the latest album from Kitchener's Richard Garvey strikes a pleasant balance between good-time, friendly folk and ethereal, graceful, artistic numbers.  There's definitely something for everyone here.

Always well-written, the recording has an organic, welcoming feel that invites the listener to get lost in the moment.  Whether's it's dancing to the great banjo/mandolin/fiddle playing or hearing Richard's sometimes ghostly vocals spirit you away, every song will affect you.

Richard has a lot of stunning help from his friends.  They include Julia Narveson, Buck Thompson, Dan Henshall, Dave Soehner, Laura Dyck, Rachel Bruch, Eric Johnson-Scherger, Kate Romain, Richard Driedger, Dan Belgue, Josef Bell, and Jess Spencer.  Backing vocals by Celidh Barker, Laura Ashfield, Marina Marina, and Bill Howard.

Physical CD's are available at his wonderful live shows and through his Bandcamp page (you can download it there too).

Video above courtesy of Richard Garvey


Some recordings escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

Richard's 2014 release, Happy Go Lucky (Go F%$k Yourself) is a mostly light hearted EP that'll get your toes  a' tapping.  It's available through Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Richard Garvey

2013's EP, Listen, features Richard with a sparse sound that will enchant you with it's beautiful simplicity. His amazing voice is at its most expressive here.  The recording's available through Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Dave Pike

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