Sunday, July 26, 2015

'Oh Surround Me' by Kitchener's Luke Michielsen is Remarkable and Astonishing

Kitchener singer/songwriter Luke Michielsen has a lot to draw listeners in on his new album, Oh Surround Me.  You'll hear some astonishing, first-class, poppy, alt-folk.

With his expressive voice and wonderful musical skills, Luke creates accessible, modern, acoustic folk with an artistic edge.  The remarkable, poetic lyrics also separates it from the pack.

Both the CD or download is available through his Bandcamp page.

Video above courtesy of Luke Michielsen


Some recordings escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

In 2011, Luke released the 5 song EP, Meddle in the Natural Order.  With more of a raw sound (basically voice and guitar), it has more of an organic, sparse sound that works superbly.  It's available through Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Luke Michielsen

The 2008 album, Burn to the Ground, finds Luke's voice in fine form with more poppy alt-folk (with a little touch of Americana this time).  You can get this via Bandcamp.

Video above courtesy of Luke Michielsen

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