Sunday, August 23, 2015

Burlington's Leslie Hudson Unveils New Album with Kinetic Energy and Sweet, Smooth, Soul

Burlington's Leslie Hudson has mastered the art of the powerful, piano-driven song.   Into the Mirror, the lady's latest album, prooves she's no dainty little lounge singer who can tickle the ivories a bit.

In Leslie's hands, the keys are filled with kinetic energy or sweet, smooth soul.  These amazing skills also transfer to her voice.  Whether belting it out or serenading, her vocals can wring the emotion from every fabulous song.

This album is hard to pigeonhole as you'll hear jazz, folk, pop, even a little rap - all done elegantly and with passion.  Her outstanding lyrics will also make you take notice.

Whether you'd like a CD or download, you can get it through her Bandcamp page

Video above courtesy of Zinderfine

Video above courtesy of RbirmMusicFan

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