Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Late Tony "Rush" Wachnuik Honoured by Local Musicans

Unfortunately, Hamilton musician Tony "Rush" Wachnuik passed away on August 25, 2015 due to complications from a traffic accident. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Tony was a beloved member of the local music community and a valued member of a number of bands, including the TNT Bluesmen, Hell County and most recently, the King Street Band.

Wayne Janus, his Hell County bandmate had this to say: "Tony brought a level of energy to the music that I've only experienced while performing with him. He knew how to "connect" and his placement of his musical energies inspired me to give it all as if it were the last note to ever be played. I learned so much from him. I am forever grateful for our time together on and off the stage. Tony had a big heart and "continually" expressed compassion for my fathers failing health. Tony will always have a place in my heart and he will always have a place in the music that I will continue to play. Love you brother T"

A note from Lou, our blogger: "Tony was one of the first musicians I befriended after starting the Hamilton Blues Lovers.  I remember his no-nonsense approach to life, his energy and amazing musical talent. We'll all miss him."

Reaction to his passing hit social media.  Here a few comments. We'll be adding more later.

Mike Almas: "Lots of tears for Tony, what a character, what a great friend, so very glad to have known him, gonna miss him a lot."

Mike Branton: "Nobody fought the good fight as fiercely as Tony did. Nobody stuck it harder to the phonies. And when it was time to play and I mean really play there was nobody who could touch him. Not in a million years.. .A true friend and bluesman!

Steven Collett: "Rest in peace to my friend Tony Rush that played a wonderful Ibanez bass similar to the one I had. It was so great to play with him and we will miss the wide eyed spirit he had."

There will be a memorial show on Saturday, September 5, 2015 at the Homestead Bar from 4-8pm.  Donations will be accepted for Tony's family.

Video above  (with Tony Rush on bass) courtesy of Hell County

Video above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Blast from the Past: Tony Rush Jam@Rebel's Rock

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