Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kitchener's Stony Lonesome Capture Dynamic Show on Newest Live Album

Kitchener country group, Stony Lonesome do an incredible job of capturing an impressive, dynamic live show on their latest album.   Live at the House of Miracles (courtesy of Busted Flat Records) is an amazing document of their no-nonsense, fun, unpredictable performances.

The gang runs through their compelling originals brimming with honky tonks and broken hearts.  They also throw in a couple of interesting covers: The jazz standard Sunny Side of the Street and Maybe Tomorrow (The Littlest Hobo home).  Stoney Lonesome pack the tunes with top-notch playing, including some amazing pedal steel work.

You can pick up a copy of the CD at their live shows or via the Busted Flat online shop.

Links: Stony Lonesome, Videos above courtesy of Steve Wood

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