Thursday, February 18, 2016

News Roundup (Terrance Morgan and Marcus Starr, Kendall Wall Band, Sing Me a River, Ron Sexsmith on X-Files)

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The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

Trebleclef now has his own Instagram page. Check it out.

Trebleclef hung out at the Winking Judge with Mash Paddle Brewing co-founder (and Overplayers bassist) Matty Buzanko and his pals.  You can try out their incredible beer at the Judge.


He also went to see David Lum play at the Brantford Station Gallery.  He was later joined his 'Sing Me a River' bandmate, Dorothea Smith.

David Lum & Dorothea Jakelski Smith of 'Sing Me a River' @ The Station House Galley #BrntfOnMusic #BrantOnMusic #hblvids
Posted by Hamilton B. Lous on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Links: David LumMore David Lum Stories, Video above courtesy of Hamilton B LousAnother video from the show: David Lum solo

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