Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Concept Album from Burlington's Leslie Hudson is a Multi-Genre Classic!

We can guarantee you haven't heard anything quite like The Redhead League, the latest incredible album from Burlington songstress Leslie Hudson.  It's an impressive, multi-genre project melding fantasy themes with top notch musical storytelling.

This amazing recording is a concept album based on 9 female redheaded sci-fi/comic book characters: Red Sonja (Conan spin-off), Medusa (Fantastic Four, Inhumans), Teela (He-Man), Jean Grey (X-Men), Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man), Scarlett (GI Joe), Poison Ivy (Batman), April O'Neil (Ninja Turtles) and Black Widow (Avengers).  Each lady gets her own uniquely styled, well-written tune.  These tracks are bookended by two fabulous theme songs.

You'll hear Broadway inspired melodies along with Dance beats, Blues, Jazz, Folk and even some Metal!  There's a lot of excitement and emotion contained within this album.

Sci-Fi/comic book fans will definitely appreciate the storytelling but even if that's not your thing, everyone can appreciate the lyrical know-how and explosive music.

Along with Leslie's powerful voice and massive piano skills, the recording boats some moving work from Kristian BørresenJohn CooperiderChris Miroslaw, Valerie Cox, Tom SpademanPeter WatkinsonEric Distad, Paul Hudson, and Carlos Parra.

Leslie plans to sell the album at carious comic shops around the GTA but it's available through her Bandcamp page as a download.

Preview it below

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