Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Amazing Local Christmas Album Also Helps Kids Help Phone!

New Christmas Tunes, a wonderful holiday compilation packed with talented local musicians (mostly from the Halton region), will definteley put you in the yuletide spirit.  Rather than rehash the same old songs you've heard over and over, the album features all original music. 

The best part is that $1 from every CD purchase or album download will be donated to Kids Help Phone. You'll hear some amazing tunes and help out at the same time! What could be better?

Both the disc and the download are available through Bandcamp.

The is the track and personell listing (Click song title to stream on Bandcamp)
  1. Christmas Train
    Ginger St James - lead vocals; Gary White - lead guitar; Neil MacNaughton - writer, acoustic guitar, harmonica, train whistle; Andrew Ttg - bass; Scott Apted - drums

  2. The Camels In The Desert
    Paul Dante - lead vocals, bass; Daniel Wilson - keyboard; Neil MacNaughton - writer, acoustic guitar; Mike Branton - lead guitar; Luke Dante - drums; Leslie Hudson - background vocals; Charlie Jacklin - background vocals; Kris Womack - background vocals.

  3. Christmas Cheer
    Luke Dante - writer, lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums; Dyanna Prisk - duet vocal; Neil MacNaughton - trumpet, trombone

  4. Old School Christmas
    Daniel Wilson - writer, lead vocals, keyboard; John Cooperider - bass, drums; David Clarence MacLean - violin; Leslie Hudson - background vocals

  5. Toboggan
    Katie Minnis - lead vocal; Luke Dante - writer, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums; Neil MacNaughton - trumpet, trombone; Dyanna Prisk - background vocals

  6. A Candle In The Window
    Ashley Beattie - lead male vocal, keyboard; Leslie Hudson - background vocals, David Clarence MacLean - strings; John Cooperider - bass, drums - Neil MacNaughton (writer)

  7. Have A Merry, Merry Christmas This Year
    Maggie May - lead vocals, background vocals; Neil MacNaughton - writer, acoustic guitar, bass, background vocals; Daniel Wilson - keyboards; Dave Toms - drums; Leslie Hudson - background vocals; Megan Boni - background vocals

  8. Evergreen
    Leslie Hudson - writer, lead vocals, background vocals, keyboards; John Cooperider - lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums; David Clarence MacLean - strings

  9. It Must Be Christmas
    Kris Womack - lead vocals; Mike Branton - lead guitar; Neil MacNaughton - writer, acoustic guitar; Daniel Wilson - keyboards; Luke Dante - bass, drums

  10. La Flor De Nochebuena
    Megan Boni - lead vocals; Ricky Joe Vella - Spanish guitar; Luke Dante - accordion; Neil MacNaughton - writer, trumpet, bass

  11. Light Of A Star
    Charlie Jacklin, writer, lead vocals, background vocals, acoustic guitar; Leslie Hudson - keyboard, background vocals; John Cooperider - lead guitar, bass, drums; Neil MacNaughton - background vocals, Steven Jacklin (writer)

  12. Merry Christmas To The World
    Neil MacNaughton - writer, lead vocals, backup vocals, acoustic guitar, bass; Gary White - lead guitar; Luke Dante - drums; Leslie Hudson - keyboard, background vocals; Charlie Jacklin - background vocals
Stream the album below

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