Monday, April 24, 2017

Thursdays at the Cat N Fiddle in Hamilton! Deeps, Riddim Riders, Shari and Jonny +Justin, Pistolettes, Matty Simpson

Hamilton's Cat N Fiddle Pub boasts amazing music every single day! On Thursdays at 10pm, the pub has a regular, rotating roster of incredible acts.

Check 'em out below!

Every 1st Thursday: Deeps and Friends

Links: More Deeps StoriesVideo above courtesy of Barber Shop Podcast

Every 2nd Thursday: Riddim Riders (Unplugged)

Links: More Riddim Riders StoriesVideo above courtesy of MiscellaneousFish

Every 3rd Thursday: Shari Dunn, Jonny Kerr and Justin Dunlop

Links: More Shari and Jonny StoriesMore Justin Dunlop StoriesVideo above courtesy of shariandjonny's channel

Links: More Ginger St. James Stories, More May Simon Stories. More Justine Fischer StoriesVideo above courtesy of BOYDWILSONFILMS

When there are 5 Thursdays, the fourth is Matty Simpson

Links: More Matty Simpson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Rob Wazny

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