Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Legendary Fats Domino Passes + Local Reaction

Doug Parker/Associated Press
Rock 'N' Roll has lost another of its main architects. The legendary Fats Domino passed away on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Local stories: The Spectator, CHMLCBC

Local Reaction

We asked a number of local musicians for their comments on this amazing musician. We'll add more as the responses come in.

Sonny Del-Rio
His great sax-man, Lee Allan was my greatest influence in starting to play the sax in 1957.  There will never be another like Fats Domino. His music will live forever.  R.I.P. Fats
Dave Rave
Fats Domino was the soul of Rock and Roll. The Heartbeat of New Orleans. I loved his music. The Shakers performed I'm Ready. And one of the greatest performers I ever saw. Fats Domino RIP. Irreplaceable
Jesse O'Brien
RIP Fats Domino - he helped pave the way for all New Orleans style piano players and I hope he rests in peace on top of that Blueberry Hill.
Lily Sazz (Cootes Paradise)
Fats Domino was a pioneer of that distinctive New Orleans R&B sound, and he was one of the classic R&B musicians to contribute to the birth of 1950s rock 'n' roll. I think that all piano players in the blues or jazz genres have been influenced by him, whether they know it or not, through those that Fats, in turn, influenced. That's a legacy for us all to be grateful for. RIP Fats. Another great one gone.
 Rick Prinsthal (Rick and the 3D's)
I saw him @ Lulu's in Kitchener in the late 80's - opened for Jerry Lee Lewis - spectacular show!!
Greg Brisco
Incredibly sad with the passing of the greats. He was one of them. How boring life may have been without his music. I hate to think of the butterfly effect if Blueberry Hill or Ain't That a Shame were never recorded by him.

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