Saturday, May 23, 2015

CONGRATS! 2015 Hamilton Music Industry Award Winners (Including Us!)

The Hamilton Blues Lovers website was only one of the many winners in the 2015 Hamilton Music Industry Awards.  Many deserving members of the local music community were recognized on May 23, 2015 at the Dofasco Centre for the Arts.

Lou, our blogger had this to say: "Thank you to all my fellow nominees who help get the word out about the amazing Hamilton music scene and thanks to all the amazing musicians.  It is an honour to receive this award."

The big winner of the day was classical musician Strat Andriotis, who earned three awards.

Video above courtesy of Dekatria Records

The night was also special because of the late, great Brian Griffith, who won the Guitarist of the Year Award.  His son accepted the award on his behalf.  Many of the speakers paid tribute to this amazing musician.  There were many touching moments.

Links: More Brian Griffith StoriesVideo above courtesy of Doug Smith 

Click here for the CBC Hamilton story

Click here for pictures of the event

Click here for picture of our Mascot at the awards


Here is a complete list of winners.

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