Saturday, August 8, 2020

Jimmy Witherspoon's 100th Birthday

Today (August 8, 2020) would have been the late American Blues legend Jimmy Witherspoon's 100th birthday.

Biography highlights (from Wikipedia)
Corey Lueck of the Smoke Wagon Blues Band had this to say about the incredible musician:
I've always thought Jimmy Witherspoon was the quintessential war time blues singer. He had that great big band timeless shout blues style that could also get low down and soulful with the jazz cats. Hope he's belting it out for his 100th in that big ol' gig in the sky....
Jimmy recorded the song below with the late Kitchener Blues legend Mel Brown on guitar.

Links: Mel BrownMore Mel Brown Stories, Earl HookerVideo above courtesy of Pig's Vinyl Emporium

More songs from the man himself.

Links: Jimmy Witherspoon, Videos above courtesy of Jimmy Witherspoon - Topic, More 100th Birthdays

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