Thursday, August 6, 2020

Kitchener's Lynn Jackson Shows Many Sides on New Album

From a snarl to a roar, a purr and beyond, Kitchener songstress, Lynn Jackson can do it all. The talented lady shows us many sides on her latest incredible album, Lionheart from Busted Flat Records.

Here you'll find Lynn, the acoustic troubadour, the hard-edge punk princess, the jazzy chanteuse and many others all in one package. Her vocals leave a unique stamp on every track and beautifully played pianos, violins and more accentuate the songs.

Joining Lynn is a team of extraordinary talents, including Rob Deyman & Silvia DiDonato of the Waterstreet Blues BandScott FitzpatrickJonny Sauder, Chris Boyne, Chris Colvin, Don Featherstone, John Stuart, Alison Corbett and Wendy Wright.

You can pick up this wonderful album at her web siteBandcamp, the Busted Flat page, iTunes, Spotify and more.

You can stream the album below.

Blast from the Past: Lynn's 2015 album, Songs of Rain, Snow and Remembering

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