Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Milton Musician Sean Cunnington Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Milton musician Sean Cunnington, who passed away  on March 18, 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus. He was a member of the band Elmwood Underground and also backed up a number of musicians. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

His band, Elmwood Underground, left the following message on their Facebook page:
With extremely heavy hearts, we must announce the loss of one of our own. Sean Cunnington, writer, guitar player and producer for Elmwood Underground, passed away late on March 17. We are devastated by the loss, but plan to honour his musical legacy by continuing to release the music that we have completed, as it would have been his wishes to do so. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Sean's wife Teri, and his three daughters. You will be missed brother, Rest peacefully now.
Here is his obituary:
With tremendous sadness the family of Sean Cunnington announces his sudden passing on Wednesday March 18, 2020. Sean leaves behind his wife Teri, daughters Rachel (Jason), Emily (Joe) and Sara (Humza) and step-mom Toby. Brother-in-law to Kari & Gerry, Bonnie and Linda. Uncle to Spencer, Mollie and Jamie. Sean will also be missed by his extended family, countless friends and his music community.
We awoke to find you gone, and now the weight of the world seems harder to bear. You were the bright thread of our weave, now gone from the loom. You touched us all with your many gifts, and we were blessed to know you. Your warmth, inclusive nature, your ever-present smile and ready laugh. A laugh; equal in measure when things went wrong, as when things went right. We will miss that laugh, and your sense of humor; wry, ironic, always meant to disarm and delight. ‘…A piece of string walks into a bar…’ Only you could retell the many jokes we already knew, the more groans and eye-rolling you could elicit the better. We laughed because you laughed, your joy was infectious. Sean, we cannot think of you without hearing music. Music possessed you and you it. To hear and see you play was like watching someone who has taught themselves to fly. We close our eyes and still hear your inimitable style as you would soar effortlessly unbound by the musical gravity anchoring the rest of us to earth. A guitar in your hands completed you, and you must know the joy you provided to us. Your grace and communication style drew an ever widening circle of people to you and we the lucky; cherished belonging to you. Your social grace and timing impeccable, you always knew when to lay back in the mix, and when to cut to the front. Now we are left only with memories, echoes of you and your legacy. You have left too soon, and we are now less than we were. Treadmill Mr. Cunnington, my One and Only, treadmill.
A memorial gathering will be announced at a later date. As an expression of sympathy, memorial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Cystic Fibrosis Canada would be appreciated.
A few social media reactions

Emily Burgess
He was one of the most energetic, fun, and creative people I ever met - and one hell of a guitar player. He was always thinking of ways to make learning music fun for people, and did such a wonderful job helping to build The T-Rox Music Academy. Rest in Peace, Sean.
Scott Apted
Sean was one of the most positive and fearless, hard working people I knew. I’m so glad that he saw us release his vision and music only a few weeks ago. Much love to Seans wife and three children during this terrible time. RIP
Karl Anderson (drums)
My heart goes out to Sean's family, friends and bandmates at this time, such an unexpected event. Very proud to have known Sean for so long, to have toured together, performed in other projects together, and ultimately working together to release his final recordings. Your legacy shall live on in music. Rest well. 
Peter Kadar (piano)
He was a vibrant, kind and hilarious person, a killer musician, and great to work with. I send my love to his family and friends as we process this shocking news. RIP Sean.
 Media stories:

Links: Elmwood Underground, Video above courtesy of Elmwood Underground - Topic

Links: Carla Muller, Video above courtesy of Carla Muller

Links: Sandra Bouza, More Sandra Bouza StoriesVideo above courtesy of Sean Cunnington Music

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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Local Music Scene Reacts to Kenny Rogers' Passing

Sadly, American Country Music Legend Kenny Rogers passed away on March 20, 2020. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Local Media
A number of local artists posted covers of some of his incredible songs in honour of the unforgettable musician.

Links: Chopped Liver, Video above courtesy of Chopped Liver Bluegrass Band

Links: WhitehorseMore Whitehorse StoriesVideo above courtesy of Melissa McClelland

Tim Hicks did a Kenny cover a few years ago

Links: Tim HicksMore Tim Hicks StoriesVideo above courtesy of Tim Hicks

Here are some local social media reactions. We will add more as we find it.

Heather Sinclair (H&G Entertainer Services)
One of the best storyteller singers there was...and so many of us got pulled into his stories. The last hand is folded.
Brad Hails (Killin' Time Band)
I still remember the day My Dad brought home two cassette tapes (Ktel) Kenny Rogers greatest hits and Elton John's greatest hits. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old and I played them till they didn’t work anymore. Kenny Rogers was my favourite back then and I still know every word on that tape off by heart. It has come in handy many times when an audience drunkenly chants until we give in and play the Gambler but so many great classic 70s country songs. Thank you to my Dad Alan Hails for bringing those tapes into my Life and thanks to Kenny Rogers for singing some great slick country stories that were music to a 6 year olds ears! RIP Kenny, you sure made some good chicken. I will be spinning and picking some Classic KG today!
James Anthony
Back in around 1970 Dan Munro and I played a gig in The West End of Toronto. A girl asked us to go to a house party in Misissauga after . We of course went and found ourselves upstairs in the living room hanging with another new band called the "First Edition" Another young singer Mac Davis and I pulled out our guitars and jammed for while on the porch and we all got really high lol. I actually showed Mac a few blues licks Great memory and nice people. Kenny was a really great guy.RIP... 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Videos by The Ste'ens, Poor Angus, Corktown Jam

Links: The Ste'ens, Videos above courtesy of barebluesea

Links: Poor AngusMore Poor Angus Stories, Video above courtesy of Dan Hanson

Last 2 videos above courtesy of muriel crooks

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

New Episode of Ensemble! with Chris Strei + Jocelyn June

The Ensemble! train keeps rolling as the third fabulous episode of the current season will be available shortly. This Cable 14 Hamilton TV show will feature two local singer/songwriters: Chris Strei and Jocelyn JuneBig Rude Jake continues as the host. The episode was filmed at Hamilton's Birchway Sound.

Please note that anyone can now live stream Cable 14 for free at https://cable14now.com/. On demand is only available for ShawRogers and Cogeco customers. Click for the episode On Demand.

Here are some videos from the amazing featured performers.

Links: Chris StreiMore Chris Strei Stories,  Videos above courtesy of Chris Strei

Links: Jocelyn June, Video above courtesy of Canadian Daydream

The schedule for this episode (more will be added as we find out):
  • TBA
More Ensemble Stories

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Monday, March 2, 2020

Crowbar's Rhéal Lanthier Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Rhéal Lanthier, a founding member of the legendary band, Crowbar from Hamilton. He passed away after a brave battle with dementia on March 1, 2020. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans. 

Here is a mini-bio from the official Crowbar website:
Born in the foothills of the Laurentians in scenic Buckingham, Quebec, Rhéal came into this world with music flowing through his veins. This passion took him on the road with his guitar at a young age, working with bands like the Ascots, Ronnie Hawkins and so many more. He is known as a master of his craft, and for the joie de vie that makes him a favourite both on and off the stage.
This is a comment from the Unofficial: Crowbar Facebook page
It is with deep sadness we say goodbye to our dearest Rhéal Lanthier as he left us peacefully yesterday afternoon. A man of unwavering kindness, soul & rhythm - Rhéal was truly one-of-a-kind & will be sorely missed by so many. Rest In Peace sweet Frenchman. We love you brother.
We will add more comments as we find them.

Links: CrowbarMore Crowbar Stories, Videos above courtesy of UnidiscMusic

Blast from the Past: Crowbar's Kelly Jay Passes

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