Thursday, July 31, 2014

News Roundup (Andy Grigg, Mimi Shaw, Perfect Strangers, Bryan Sorensen)

King Biscuit Boy Producer Andy Grigg Passes: ObituaryBio


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Ty Baynton Album: Good Ol' Boy

For great modern Country Rock don't go no further than Good Ol' Boy, the latest album from Waterdown's Ty Baynton.  You'll get 14 amazing songs about good times, hard times and everything in between.

This local country star knows how to get listeners riled up and ready to party.  Anthems like Raising a Little Cain and Canadian Country Boy will have you pumping your fist.  Ty's also a master of the heartfelt song.  The nostalgic Grandpa's Song and the romantic Love You Tonight will hit you down in your soul.

Download this incredible album from eMusic, cdbaby and iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Ty Baynton

Blast from the Past: Ty Baynton Wins Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase

Links: Ty Baynton, More Ty Baynton Stories, More Releases

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

CBC's Top Canadian Songs List (1-25)

Well, CBC has finally finished its 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever list by revealing numbers 1-25 earlier this week.  Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now took top honours.  Unfortunately, no local musicians were included this time. A few made it on the previous lists though.  See below for more.

1. Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now

Links: Joni Mitchell, More Joni Mitchell Stories, Video above courtesy of Blues Anders

2. Neil Young: Helpless
3. Tragically Hip: Wheat Kings
4. The Band: The Wait
5. Arcade Fire: Wake Up
6. Guess Who: American Woman
7. Rush: Tom Sawyer
8. Leonard Cohen: Suzanne
9. Feist: Mushaboom
10. Maestro Fresh Wes: Let Your Backbone Slide
11. Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah
12. Bryan Adams: Summer of '69
13. Ian and Sylvia Tyson: Four Strong Winds
14. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Universal Soldier
15. Bruce Cockburn: Lovers in a Dangerous Time
16. Blue Rodeo: Lost Together
17. Gordon Lightfoot: Sundown
18. Sloan: Coax Me
19. Neil Young: Needle and the Damage Done
20. k.d. lang: Constant Craving
21. Guess Who: These Eyes
22. Joel Plaskett: Nowhere With You
23. Joni Mitchell: River
24. Anne Murray: Snowbird
25. Traditional: Un Canadien Errant

More from the List

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Katie Bulley Debut CD: Sun Wolf

With her first solo CD Sun Wolf, Hamilton's Katie Bulley has embarked on a wonderful musical journey.  The songs are raw, rootsy and real!  Rockabilly, Blues, Folk and more are meshed with Katie's distinctive voice.

Her musical trip included a literal journey as she travelled to the US to explore the crossroads in Mississippi, New Orleans, Memphis and more.  The album was even recorded at legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN.

Sun Wolf definitely has the spirit of the historic studio within its sound.   This is primordial Blues at its best with a hint of a punk-rock attitude thrown in for good measure.

You can pick up the CD at her live shows, Dr. Disc in Hamilton and Looney Tunes in Burlington (The physical disc comes with a full 12 page booklet of lyrics typed out on a 40's Smith -Corona typewriter!)  It can also be downloaded through eMusic, cdbaby and iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Katie Bulley

Links: Katie Bulley, More Katie Bulley Stories, More Releases

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Ian Reid CD: Delivered on Delhi Street

Rockwood, Ontario singer/songwriter Ian Reid's latest CD, Delivered on Delhi Street is a rootsy, magical, organic album.  Filled with amazing songwriting, whimsy, surrealism and more - it has musical surprises around every corner.

You'll never know what you'll hear next.  There's ukulele, acoustic guitar, harmonica, woodwinds, and others.  Some songs will make you think and others will make you laugh - a few may even do both!  Throughout the entire disc, Ian's unique vocals make either aspect memorable.

You can pick up this awesome CD at Ian's fabulous live shows or buy it online at cdbaby.  It can also be downloaded cdbaby and iTunes

Video above courtesy of Denise MacCarthy

Two videos above courtesy of Latent Image Studios

Links: Ian Reid, More Ian Reid StoriesMore Releases

Blast from the Past: Videos of Ian Reid@Woolwich Arrow

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Local Country Stars Shine at CCMA Nominations

The 2014 Canadian Country Music Association Award nominations have been unveiled and a number of local country superstars will be up for some hardware.  On September 7, 2014 in Alberta, we'll see if they come home with the awards.

The Waterloo region was well represented thanks to the Western Swing Authority  who are in the running for Best Group, Best Roots Artist.  Band members Ed (Peewee Charles) Ringwald (Steel Guitar) and Shane Guse from (Fiddle, Special Instrument  - Mandolin) were also up for a few awards.

Links: Western Swing Authority , More WSA Stories, Video above courtesy of Miguel Angel Diaz

Burlington's Tebey (Rising Star) and St. Catharines boy Tim Hicks (Album, Songwriter, Video, Rising Star) were also up for some nominations.

Links: Tebey, More Tebey Stories , Video above courtesy of Tebey

Links: Tim HicksMore Tim Hicks StoriesVideo above courtesy of Tim Hicks


Click here for the results

Here are some nominations highlights:



Special Instrument

Fans’ Choice Award


Female Artist

Male Artist

Interactive Artist
Canadian Country Music Association, Full Nomination ListMore CCMA Stories,

Blast from the Past:  The 2013 CCMA Winners

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

News Roundup (Johnny Winter, Polaris Short List, Big John and the Night Trippers, Maggie Ciere)

Local Reaction

James Anthony: I was invited into the dressing room by his manager and Johnny sat with me for about 20 mins and chatted. Very friendly guy. I had one of his Firebirds that I bought from a mutual friend and told him - A one pickup tabacco model.  He remembered the guitar and we had a laugh over it.  I'm sorry to have sold it.  He signed a book on blues players for me.  Here is guy that had a lot of problems like bad health from being an Albino, blindness, etc and he turned it all around and became a legend.  Very few could stand on a stage with Hendrix and BB King back then and not look stupid. One of the GREATS!  Cheers!

Joel Johnson: R.I.P Johnny Winter. He was a huge inspiration both guitar (texas blues/slide guitar) and vocal wise (the growl) to me. Cheers to a blues legend.

Tim Gibbons: Thanks Johnny, for the grit, the flash, for everything.

Jon Knight (Soulstack): Rest easy Johnny Winter. Johnny's lightning guitar style and vocal are touchstones for all of us. In 1992 I (Jon) heard him play at Madison Square gardens and all it took was his warm up lick before he ripped into Highway 61 to galvanize my desire to learn slide guitar. Chris had the opportunity while we were on the road last summer to meet the man, after a tip from the hotel staff he woke up at 8 in the morning and casually sat in the foyer with a newspaper and coffee waiting patiently to meet him.

Corey Lueck (Smoke Wagon): Johnny a true honest to god legend. Even though I do not play guitar he has been a huge influence on me. One of the greatest guitarists in the history of music let alone the blues. And the man that brought Muddy Waters back to us! Very lucky to have met him on more then one occasion. Always gracious and always tore it up! A real blues hero! I'm out of here for a shot of whisky and some careful with a fool... Very sad day.

Steve Strongman: I'm so sad to hear the news about Johnny Winter. I had the pleasure of opening for him last March. He sang and played great ~ he's always been a big influence on me for sure. The guitar world has lost another hero.

Links: Johnny Winter, More Johnny Winter Stories, Video above courtesy of Urban Hero Magazine

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Local Musicians on CBC's Best Canadian Songs Ever List (26-50)

CBC Music has been counting down their 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever list in July.  This week, they announced number 26-50.  There are now more and more local acts making the cut as the list inches closer to the number one spot. Tunes by Hamilton superstar Daniel Lanios (#28), local folk legend Stan Rogers (#37) and Burlington's Sarah Harmer (#38) have graced the countown.  Also, one of the most well known songs ever, Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, (featuring Waterloo's John Kay on vocals) reached number 41.


Links: Daniel LanoisMore Daniel Lanois StoriesVideo above courtesy of Warner Brothers

Links: Stan RogersMore Stan Rogers Stories , Video above courtesy of Bytor21122112

Video above courtesy of Johny14141

Here's the complete list

29. Gordon Lightfoot: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

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Monday, July 14, 2014

A Mighty Tribe Kids CD Features Local Talent

Both children and adults alike will find a lot to enjoy on  A Mighty Tribe, a local kids music compilation featuring some incredible songs.  Best of all, proceeds go to help childhood promote literacy.

It features both previous and unreleased material from some of the most talented Hamilton-area performers. It's simple enough for youngsters to enjoy but catchy enough for the grown ups to get into the groove! Even the packaging is fabulous.  Adorned with beautiful Tom Wilson artwork, the CD case is a sight to see.

You can pick this great disc up at Picks N Sticks and Bryan Prince Bookseller or through the Bookbus website.  You'll be glad you did!

Links: Matthew de Zoete, More Matthew de Zoete Stories

Videos above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Here's the complete track listing.

This Old Man - Lee Harvey Osmond w Harlan Pepper
Luca's Song - Michelle Titian w Mary Simon and Andrew Aldridge
Run - The Killin' Time Band w Darren "Mista D" Dumas
June Bug - Peg and Willy
Great LakesHarlan Pepper
Glow Like Gold - Scott Hunter w Brian Siegel
Like I Love It - Mimi Shaw w Dan Medakovic and Jeff Griffiths (co written by Tom Wilson)
Stuff Rocks - Pailface Brad w Ken Corke, Paul Dickenson, Ron Eliott and Jamie and Magnolia Hails
The Shark Song - Dawn and Marra
The Mighty Moon King - Lynne Kittredge-Fox/Brian Siegel
Itsy Bitsy Spider - Raina Krange w Brian Siegel
Wallace is My Duck - Matthew de Zoete and his daughter Margot
Bowser - Bernie Hudecki
Spiders and Snails - Kim Koren w Frank Koren and Mark McIntyre
Will the Circle Be UnbrokenKillin' Time Band/Gordie Tapp (Hee Haw)/Dinner Belles/Gord Lewis (Teenage Head)
The Sloth Goes Slow - Dylan Hudecki (Cowlick) with DVMS's Casa North

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ron Sexsmith and Constantines on CBC's Best Canadian Songs Ever List (75-51)

This month, CBC Music has been revealing parts of their 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever list.  Last week, numbers 100-76 were unveiled.  Now we have 51-75 and two local musicians made it.  St. Catharines singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith (70) and Guelph indie rock band Constantines (60) have tunes on the list.  Congrats!

Links: Ron SexsmithMore Ron Sexsmith Stories, Video above courtesy of Ron Sexsmith

Video above courtesy of PMacKification

Here's the complete list.

51. Drake: Marvin's Room
52. Martha and the Muffins: Echo Beach
53. Alannah Myles: Black Velvet
54. Gino Vannelli: I Just Wanna Stop
55. Barenaked Ladies: Brian Wilson
56. Wolf Parade: Shine a Light
57. Blue Rodeo: Hasn't Hit Me Yet
58. Sloan: Underwhelmed
59. The Band: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
60. Constantines: Young Lions
61. Japandriods: The House That Heaven Built
62. 54-40: I Go Blind
63. Corey Hart: Sunglasses at Night
64. Diane DufresneJ'ai rencontré l'homme de ma vie
65. Nelly Furtado: I'm Like a Bird
66. Andy Kim: Rock Me Gently
67. Loverboy: Working for the Weekend
68. Broken Social Scene: 7/4 Shoreline
69. Stars: Your Ex-Lover is Dead
70. Ron Sexsmith: Strawberry Blonde
71. Hank Snow: I'm Moving On
72. Avril Lavigne: Complicated
73: The Weakerthans: Left and Leaving
74: Nickelback: How You Remind Me
75. Dan Mangan: Row of Houses

Links: Dan ManganMore Dan Mangan StoriesVideo above courtesy of Dan Mangan

Click here for more CBC Lists

Blast from the Past: CBC's Top Canadian Singers

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Social Animals Debut Album: Innominate

One thing you'll definitely notice while hearing Innominate, the debut album from Hamilton band Social Animals, is the impressive power and energy they possess.  Their amazing Classic Rock meets Roots sound will rattle your bones and feed your soul at the same time.

The group features married couple and main songwriters, Chris and Christa Bradbury.  If you haven't heard the lady's voice yet, you'll be awed.  She can be soulful, tender and forceful.  Chris' own superb voice works well alone or in wonderful harmony with his wife.  His guitar playing (both on acoustic or electric) is thrilling to hear.

Originally a duo, they've expanded with the talented help of Jarrod Ross (bass) and David Guild (drums, co-producer).  Orange McFarland lends his great bass skills to a number of tunes and co-producer Jordan Abraham also adds some synth to the proceedings.

Together, they show a wonderful mastery of light and shade as they weave through loud, heavier moments and softer sounds.  The lyrics are extremely poetic and add an overall artistic vibe to the album.

You've gotta grab this CD so you can either head on down to Pick N' Sticks to get it or go to one of the band's live show.  It can also be downloaded through their website.

Videos above courtesy of Social Animals 

Blast from the Past: Social Animals on Barber Shop Podcast

Links: Social AnimalsMore Social Animals StoriesMore Releases

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

News Roundup (Local You Tube Guide, Craig Cardiff, Aaron Vos)

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Conor Gains Band Wins the Toronto Blues Society Talent Seacrh

Congratulations are in order for Cambridge Bluesman, Conor Gains.  He and his band won the 2014 Toronto Blues Society Talent Search at Monarch's Pub in Toronto on July 5, 2014. Click here for the Guelph Now story.

The winner gets a showcase slots at Blues Summit 7Southside Shuffle, and Aurora Winter Blues Festival.  Other prizes include a gig at the Monarch's Pub, a photo shoot with Bill King, rehearsal time at Cherry Jam Rehearsal, and mentoring meetings.  Also, the band will be in the running to represent TBS at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis and at a Folk Music Ontario showcase.

They were up against some stiff competition such as Angelique Francis, The Oh Chays, The Ria Reece Band, Tobin Spring, and Wicked Grin.

Videos above courtesy of RandallStaffordCook

Blast from the Past: Videos of the Conor Gains Band@Burlington Ribfest

Links: Conor GainsMore Conor Gains Stories,

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Jeremy Fisher CD: The Lemon Squeeze

Hamilton-born singer/songwriter Jeremy Fisher has traded his indie guitar folk for piano driven pop and it sounds incredible! With his latest disc, The Lemon Squeeze (through Hidden Pony Records), he's now proven himself a master in this sonic realm as well.

From Uh Oh, his catchy duet with the amazing Serena Ryder to the other infectious tunes, Jeremy shines with almost boundless energy and enthusiasm.  It's all done without sacrificing songwriting as he delves into macabre, poignent and sometimes sentimental themes.

This wonderful album is available on vinyl and CD through his live shows and website and can also be downloaded through iTunes or eMusic.

Video above courtesy of Jeremy Fisher

2 videos above courtesy of Logiled Delux

Blast from the Past: Jeremy Fisher Album: Live at Catherine North 

Links: Jeremy Fisher, More Jeremy Fisher StoriesMore Releases

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Kathleen Edwards and the Spoons on CBC's Best Canadian Songs Ever List (100-76)

CBC Music is celebrating July 2014 by launching their list of the 100 Best Canadian Songs Ever. The national network has recently unveiled numbers 76-100.  So far, they're off to a decent start with two local artists. Local singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards reached the number 87 spot with Change the Sheets and Burlington's the Spoons hit 91 thanks to their tune, Nova Heart.

We'll be announcing additions to the list as they're revealed and we're keeping our fingers crossed that there will be many more area acts represented.

Links: Kathleen Edwards, More Kathleen Edwards Stories, Video above courtesy of CBC Music

Video above courtesy of Canada Rocks

76: Great Big Sea: Ordinary Day
77. Grimes: Oblivion
78. Thrush Hermit: The Day We Hit the Coast
79. Sam Roberts Band: Brother Down
80. Glass Tiger: Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone
81. Metric: Monster Hospital
82. Coeur de Pirate: Place de la République
83. Rheostatics: A Bad Time to be Poor
84. Patrick Watson: The Great Escape
85. Trooper: We're Here for a Good Time
86. K-os: Heaven Only Knows
87. Kathleen Edwards: Change the Sheets
88. Rufus Wainwright: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
89. Jann Arden: Insensitive
90. Jack Scott: The Way I Walk
91. Spoons: Nova Heart
92. Terry Jacks: Seasons in the Sun
93. Karkwa: Les Chemins de Verre
94. Stampeders: Sweet City Woman
95. Dan Hill: Sometimes When We Touch
96. Kim Mitchell: Patio Lanterns
97. Corb Lund: Five Dollar Bill
98. Kardinal Offishal: BaKardi Slang
99. The Pursuit of Happiness: I'm An Adult Now
100. Nick Gilder: Hot Child in the City

Blast from the Past: Kathleen Edwards and Stan Rogers on CBC's Top Canadian Albums List

Click here for more CBC Lists

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