Saturday, July 12, 2014

Social Animals Debut Album: Innominate

One thing you'll definitely notice while hearing Innominate, the debut album from Hamilton band Social Animals, is the impressive power and energy they possess.  Their amazing Classic Rock meets Roots sound will rattle your bones and feed your soul at the same time.

The group features married couple and main songwriters, Chris and Christa Bradbury.  If you haven't heard the lady's voice yet, you'll be awed.  She can be soulful, tender and forceful.  Chris' own superb voice works well alone or in wonderful harmony with his wife.  His guitar playing (both on acoustic or electric) is thrilling to hear.

Originally a duo, they've expanded with the talented help of Jarrod Ross (bass) and David Guild (drums, co-producer).  Orange McFarland lends his great bass skills to a number of tunes and co-producer Jordan Abraham also adds some synth to the proceedings.

Together, they show a wonderful mastery of light and shade as they weave through loud, heavier moments and softer sounds.  The lyrics are extremely poetic and add an overall artistic vibe to the album.

You've gotta grab this CD so you can either head on down to Pick N' Sticks to get it or go to one of the band's live show.  It can also be downloaded through their website.

Videos above courtesy of Social Animals 

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