Friday, April 29, 2011

New Rita Chiarelli Soundtrack/Live CD: Music From the Big House

Hamilton Blues legend, Rita Chiarelli recently released the soundtrack to her Bruce McDonald-helmed Music From the Big House documentary.

In the film, Rita takes musicians incarcerated in the infamous Angola Maximum Security Prison in Louisiana and preps them to play a concert with her.

The results of that hard work are on display in the soundtrack and it sounds like her efforts were well worth it. Rita and the prisoners play some raw, old fashioned, soulful blues that hit you on an emotional level. You can really feel the blues in these mens' voices during the concert. The gospel numbers are especially emotive. We even get a glimpse of their acapella rehearsing on a few of the tracks.

Also, the CD starts and ends with musical scores by Christopher Gulick.

The disc is available at music stores, Maple Music, and as a download on iTunes.

Links: Rita Chiarelli - More Rita Chiarelli Stories

Below is the trailer for the film.


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Various YouTube Videos (Crowbar, Junkhouse, Kingsnakes, Krickets)

Links: CrowbarMore Crowbar StoriesVideos courtesy of Frelgon.

Videos courtesy of Luispeartree

Links: Crowbar - Junkhouse - Crawlin' Kingsnakes - Rick and the Krickets


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New David Lum CD: If I Fall

The brilliant fusion of traditional and modern day folk gives Hamilton musician David Lum's new CD, If I Fall, a remarkable sound.

In addition, he also manages to skillfully touch on the blues for a few numbers (A Different Shade of Blue, Glory Train).

A gifted songwriter - David weaves wonderful stories and emotional lyrics. His outstanding guitar work and tremendous voice add to the album's charm as well.

This cool disc is available at his live shows and as downloads through iTunes or CDbaby.

Below are a few live performances of songs from the album. These are from a recent performance at the Brantford Station House.

We'll be posting more videos from this show later.

Links: David Lum - More David Lum Stories

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shrimp Daddy, Wild T and Friends @ Pour House

This was the first of Shrimp Daddy's matinee series at the Pour House. Every Saturday 4-8 pm

Click here if you can't see the videos.

Links: Shrimp Daddy - More Shrimp Daddy Stories - Wild T

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Vanishers CD: Hagarsville Dance Party

The Vanishers's latest CD, Hagerville Dance Party is lively roots rock with emphasis on the ROCK. These boys are loud and proud.

The 5-piece band take rockabilly, country, old fashioned rock n roll and pump up the volume. There are even bits o'punk thrown in for good measure. It'll get yer booty and yer walls shakin' at the same time.

Along with their energetic original tunes, they cover Teenage Head's legendary Let's Shake with the Head's Gord Lewis (guitar) in tow. It's always great seeing local boys paying tribute to classic Hamilton rock.

The CD is available at their raucous live shows and as a download on iTunes and CDbaby.

Click here for the Vanishers Site

Below is a video from the CD.


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Gaslight Alley EP

New Hamilton collective, Gaslight Alley have released their self-titled debut CD EP.

Gaslight Alley features veteran singer/songwriter Al Helsdon and Roger Banks (drums). Other contributors to the 5-song disc include Greg Boileau (guitar), Mike Branton (guitar), Ren0 D'Agostino (bass), and Wayne DeAdder (bass)

The CD is a fabulous musical journey: From the catchy rhythms of Lost in a Crowd to the expressive Morning Train, the soft melodies of Time Goes By, and beyond. These guys skillfully blend country, blues, folk, and rock.

You can get the disc at their live shows, on CDbaby and on iTunes.

Click here for the Gaslight Alley site

Below is a video from the disc.


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Monday, April 11, 2011

New CD by Daniel Lanois' Black Dub

Late last year, recent Juno award winning Hamiltonian, Daniel Lanois, released the debut, self-titled CD of his new band, Black Dub.
This album gives you a surprise at every turn. You'll hear everything from cool funky beats, heavenly soulful vocals (mainly from newcomer Trixie Whitley), jazzy grooves, hip hop elements, and much, much more.

Daniel (who does vocals, keyboards and guitars) and Trixie are joined by Brian Blade (drums) and Daryl Johnson (bass)

This disc is already getting wonderful reviews around the world for its diversity and originality.

The album is available at music stores and iTunes.

Links: Black Dub - More Daniel Lanois Stories

Below are a few live performances of songs from the CD.


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Friday, April 1, 2011

Local Monkees Tribute CD Fundraiser (First HBL Records Release)

The Hamilton Blues Lovers have decided to get into the music business. Our first release will be Monkeeing Around, a charity CD featuring the songs of the Monkees covered by local, talented musicians.

We caught up with the ever-elusive Hamilton Blues Lovers Inc. CEO, Lou, for an exclusive interview at his mansion.

“Our initial offering had to be special, so I immediately thought of doing a fundraising album,” he explained. “There are many worthy non-profit organizations around but I wanted to do something unique. Then I thought - What better cause than to help our poor politicians? Despite all their money, there's still one thing they can’t seem to afford - A CLUE. Heck, we'd just need to buy one for them and we're all set!”

As a result, Lou founded a new organization: the Democratic Understanding House - dedicated to buying a clue for our politicians. Then, after watching a parliamentary debate on TV, inspiration hit Lou like a flash - “MONKEES!”. He decided the disc would be a tribute to the classic band.

After intense negotiations with the Monkees' management (“The band were holding out for 2 buckets of chicken each,” Lou explained) he got their blessing, and searched for local musicians to help him.

A number of tracks have already been recorded:
The CD will be available exclusively at Eatons, Consumers Distributing, and Luigi's House of Muffins 'N' Haggis.

In related news - After hearing Les Smith's work on the disc, the Monkees have decided to hire him as a replacement for Mike Nesmith, who won’t be part of their upcoming reunion tour. Good Luck Les!

Sample cover artwork provided by April Fulcilli.


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Mark Vanderdeyden @ Pheasant Plucker (March 29, 2011)

Click here if you can't see the videos.

More Robert Johnson covers/stories

Links: Mark Vanderheyden - More Mark Vanderheyden stories

This was part of a Hamilton Folk Club feature set. Click here for the Open Stage portion.