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Saturday, October 29, 2016

CONGRATS! 2016 Spectator Reader' Choice Award Winners

Hamilton Spectator readers have spoken! Votes were tallied for the 25th anniversary edition of the paper's  Readers' Choice Awards. Hammertown's amazing music scene was well represented.

Here's a full list of music related winners 
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Gold
Local Musician Band
The Rest of the Local Musician Top 10
Live Jazz Club
Live Music Bar/Lounge
Musical Instrument Store
Music Instructor
Music School
Radio Station
Record/CD Store New 
Record/CD Store Used
Click here for a complete list of winners.

One of our sponsors, Urban Hamilton Artists landed in the top ten for Print and Imaging Services.  Also, our Blogger's workplace, the St. Charles Adult Education Centre earned Diamond for Learning Centre and was listed in the top 10 for Adult Education.


Click here for the results

Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

Links: Readers' Choice AwardsMore Spec Readers' Choice Awards Stories

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

News Roundup (Samantha Martin, Garnet Rogers, Phil Chess, Festival of Friends)



                      The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                      Trebleclef will be back next week.

                      Featured Video

                      Links: Garnet Rogers, More Garnet Rogers StoriesVideo above courtesy of Patriot Ledger

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                        Wednesday, October 26, 2016

                        3 New Barber Shop Podcast Episodes (Ron Baumber, Foster Pottery Company, Judi Rideout)

                        If you haven't checked out the Barber Shop Podcast, you are missing one of the best sources of local music around.  Each episode features the best area musicians performing live and showcasing their recorded tunes.

                        Three amazing shows were recently released.  Have a look:

                        Links: Ron Baumber, More Ron Baumber StoriesVideo above courtesy of Barber Shop Podcast

                        Links: Stephen Foster, Video above courtesy of Barber Shop Podcast

                        Links: Judi RideoutMore Judi Rideout Stories, Video above courtesy of Barber Shop Podcast

                        Blast from the Past: 3 More Barber Shop Podcast Episodes

                        Links: Barber Shop Podcast, More Barber Shop Podcast Stories

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                        Tuesday, October 25, 2016

                        CONGRATS! Blue Rodeo (ft Hamilton's Kim Deschamps) Wins 2016 Polaris Heritage Prize

                        The public have honoured Blue Rodeo's past in the 2016 Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize. The contest celebrates Canadian album from various eras.  There are two winners for each section: one voted by the public and the other by a jury.  Blue Rodeo's Five Days in July, which features Hamilton's Kim Deschamps (he's no longer a member), won the public vote for the 1986-95 category.  The jury chose Mary Margaret O’Hara's Miss America.

                        Links: Blue RodeoMore Blue Rodeo StoriesVideo above courtesy of Blue Rodeo


                        Here is the full List OF WINNERS

                        Blast from the Past: This Year's Polaris Short List

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                        Monday, October 24, 2016

                        GOOD LUCK! 3 Finalists Vying to Play a Piece of Canada's Story in St. Catharines on November 4!

                        The First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines will be holding a special concert on November 4, 2016. It is called An Evening with the Six String Nation Guitar and features a famous guitar made from pieces of Canadian history. Parts of the guitar include a pieces if Wayne Gretsky and Paul Henderson's hockey sticks, wood from a tree in the sacred Haida First Nation, wood from the Bluenose II and more.

                        There was a contest for a musician to perform at this one-of-a-kind event and three Niagara Area finalists were picked. The winner will be chosen as a result of how many likes and comments on their entries.

                        Here is the winner!

                        Links: Bruce BarrVideo above courtesy of Bruce BarrClick here to like and comment

                        Here are the finalists:

                        Links: Brooke Georgeneau, Video above courtesy of Brooke Georgeneau, Click here to like and comment 
                        The winner (who'll be chosen on October 27, 2016) will be performing alongside the guitar's creator Jowi Taylor, Serena Pryne and Nick Lesyk of The Mandevilles and Suzie Vinnick.

                        GOOD LUCK!

                        Links: Six String NationMore Six String Nation Stories

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                        Saturday, October 22, 2016

                        CONGRATS! 2016 View Magazine Readers' Choice Award Winners

                        Results from the 2016 View Magazine Readers' Choice were unveiled in their Oct 13th issue.  Their fans helped vote for the best of everything Hamilton (and the surrounding areas) has to offer.

                        Here are the music-related winners:

                        Please not that it goes from Gold (top) to Silver (middle or bottom if only two winners) and Bronze (third).

                        Female Artist
                        Free Event
                        TV Personality
                        Coolest Instrument to Play
                        • Drums
                        • Bass guitar
                        Independent Music Label
                        Recording Studio
                        Rehearsal Space
                        Radio Personality
                        Local Show Promotor
                        Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

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                        Thursday, October 20, 2016

                        News Roundup (Brent Titcomb, Wilber James, Melissa Bel, Micah Barnes)



                                            The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                                            Trebleclef 's pallys Matty Buzanko (bassist for the Overplayers and the Rest) and Hannah Bissell recently got hitched!  Here are some wedding pics!

                                            Featured Videos

                                            Links: Wilber James Blues Band, More Wilber James Stories Video above courtesy of Thomas Loop Tm

                                            Links: Melissa BelMore Melissa Bel StoriesVideo above courtesy of Melissa Bel

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                                              Wednesday, October 19, 2016

                                              GOOD LUCK! Steppenwolf (ft Waterloo's John Kay) Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! VOTE! (Deadline Dec 6)

                                              There just may be some local flavour in this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Steppenwolf, the legendary group fronted by ex-Waterloo resident John Kay is one of the nominees.  The original band also featured two Canadian natives: Keyboardist Goldy McJohn from Toronto and Oshawa's Jerry Edmonton on drums.

                                              You can also help them out by voting! Fans can pick up to 5 nominees by going here. Deadline is December 6, 2016.

                                              Links: Steppenwolf, More Steppenwolf StoriesVideo above courtesy of exclusivevids1000

                                              The "Born to be Wild" hitmakers are up against some stiff competition.

                                              Here's the full list:

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                                              Sunday, October 16, 2016

                                              Ensemble! Season 5, Episode 2 Features Ian Andrews and Jay Pollman

                                              The next episode of the amazing Cable 14 Hamilton show, Ensemble! will be airing soon.  The 2nd episode of the 5th season features local Bluesmen Ian Andrews and Jay Pollman.

                                              This episode is no longer available.

                                              Here are some videos to whet your appetite!

                                              Links:  Ian AndrewsMore Ian Andrews Stories, Videos above courtesy of Ian Andrews

                                              Video above courtesy of Jay Pollman

                                              Links: Jay PollmannMore Jay Pollman StoriesVideo above courtesy of Aardvark Boutique Audio

                                              Blast from the Past: Various Ensemble, Season 2 Shows

                                              Links: Ensemble!More Ensemble! Stories

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                                              Saturday, October 15, 2016

                                              Treble Men Drummer Steve Piper Passes

                                              It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Steve Piper, the beloved drummer of Hamilton band, the Treble Men.  We will post more details when we have it.  Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

                                              There were a lot of social media reactions:

                                              David Nicoloff (Treble Men, HellBent Rockers):
                                               "The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. That was our friend and brother. That is exactly who he is and will always be. I miss you Steve Piper. I promised you to be true. I will Never Let You Down. I will be more like you Steve Piper. RIP Steve......Forever a Treble Man. Twaaang."
                                              Ian Andrews:  "Thank you Steve Piper for all of your gifts you offered the world. Your gentle soul touched many lives and your genuine light shone a way for many for so long. I'll never forget our times playing, when your face lit up the second I walked in to the green room at TAH. The world has lost a true gentleman and now you may shine on us all from up above. Rest in peace my friend."

                                              Video above courtesy of Renee Christiansen

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                                              Wednesday, October 12, 2016

                                              Hamilton's Will Gillespie Packs His Latest EP with Joy and Energy!

                                              Summer may be over but Hamilton's Will Gillespie will bring that feeling back with his latest EP, Kings of Summer.  He brings a jazzy, bluesy laid-back style to this newest, incredible recording.

                                              Will and his friends have fashioned a very fun EP packed with joy and energy. If you need to feel good, just put this on and your worries will fade away.

                                              There are some amazing backing musicians on this offering. We have Dave Gould (Co-Producer Drums, Percussion, Vocal Harmonies ), Orange McFarland (Upright Bass, Vocal Harmonies, Steve De Piante aka Deeps (Piano ) and Victoria Cox of Skirt Check (Tenor Saxophone)

                                              You can pick up a CD at his wonderful live shows or download it using bandcampcdbaby or iTunes.

                                              Stream the EP below

                                              Blast from the Past: Will's Previous Album, Chasing Shadows

                                              Links: Will GillespieMore Will Gillespie StoriesVideo above courtesy of Will Gillespie

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                                              Sunday, October 9, 2016

                                              GOOD LUCK! Area Musicians Going to International Blues Challenge

                                              On October 2, 2016 the Grand River Blues Society held a contest to choose their two reps for the 2017 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  Bobby O'Brien's in Kitchener was home to the amazing event.  After all was said and done Hamilton's Andre Bisson Band and Waterloo's Silvia Dee and the Boyfriend (solo/duo contest) will be heading to Memphis to compete during the event from January 31-February 4, 2017.

                                              Andre has this to say on his Facebook page: "Thank you GRBS for having us compete for you at the 2017 IBC Memphis Competition - International Blues Challenge! This is such an honour and we will give everything we've got when we are down there! Thanks to the band for their hard work, time and talent today, it meant a lot up us and we can't thank you enough!"

                                              We also got word from Silvia Dee and the Boyfriend: "Silvia Dee and I are thrilled and honored to have been chosen to represent the Grand River Blues Society in the duo/category in Memphis. We are especially honored to have been amongst the wonderful artists who appeared last Sunday. We have such a vibrant and supportive blues community. Silvia and I are working very hard to put on the best show we possibly can at the IBC's. We are very excited to join with Hamilton's own Andre Bisson Band to carry the GBRS message to The IBC's."

                                              Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson storiesVideo above courtesy of Angelo NotoCampanella

                                              The Great Lakes Blues Society also nominated former Hamiltonian Paul Langille as their rep for the show.  He's in the group category with his musical partner Tom Lockwood from Chatham.  London's The Focklers will be in the band competition.

                                              Paul had the following to say: " I'm very pleased and honoured to be chosen with Tom Lockwood to represent, the Great Lakes Blues Society, at the international challenge in Memphis. This should be the place where I get to spread my Blues Wings a little. I once wrote, " I may never get to Memphis", but now I guess that ain't true."

                                              Links: Paul Langille, More Paul Langille Stories, Tom LockwoodMore Tom Lockwood StoriesVideo above courtesy of rick clarke

                                              Click here for the London Free Press story

                                              NEW! Click here for the winners

                                              Blast from the Past: Last Year's IBC winners

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                                              Saturday, October 8, 2016

                                              GOOD LUCK! Vote for Local Musicians in the Polaris Heritage Prize Short List (Deadline is Oct 17)

                                              While the Polaris Music Prize honours current Canadian music, the Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize celebrates the past.  The latter has released its Short List and a number of local artists are in the mix.

                                              The legendary group, the Band had a number of area members (Rick Danko was from Norfolk and Robbie Robertson came from Six Nations).  Two of their classics, Music From the Big Pink and their self titled album are up for the 1960-1975 award.

                                              Links: The Band, More Stories of The BandVideo above courtesy of Queenignma

                                              Hamilton's Kim Deschamps was involved with Blue Rodeo when they released Five Days in July, which is nominated for the 1986-1986 award.  Another Hamilton boy, Daniel Lanois is in the same category for his debut Acadie.

                                              Links: Daniel LanoisMore Daniel Lanois StoriesVideo above courtesy of yeahshee1933

                                              Guelph indie rockers, Constantines, also have a recording in the running (for 1996-2005): Shine A Light. Kitchener saxophonist John Oswald's Plunderphonics is up for 1986-1995.

                                              Many other albums on the list feature backup work by local artists.  Hamilton's Colina Phillips did background vocals on Bruce CockburnStealing Fire. Hammertown's own Bill Dillon plays guitar on Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.

                                              You can help them out by voting for your faves here.  Deadline is October 17, 2016.  Results will be released on October 24, 2016.

                                              GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

                                              Here is the full Short List

                                              Blast from the Past: This Year's Polaris Short

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                                              Thursday, October 6, 2016

                                              News Roundup (Kevin Maclean, Lisa Winn)

                                              Congrats to Matty Buzanko (bassist for the Overplayers and the Rest) and Hannah Bissell on their recent wedding!  Below is a video where the recently wedded Matty joined the Kevin Maclean Band at their ceremony. WE'LL HAVE PICTURES SOON!



                                                              The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                                                              Trebleclef went to an amazing fundraiser show for the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.  There was some incredible music hosted by Steve Goldberger and the Old Winos

                                                              Links: Lisa WinnMore Lisa Winn Stories, Andrew AldridgeMore Andrew Aldrige StoriesSteve GoldbergerMore Steve Goldberger StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous
                                                              Click here for more pictures of the event


                                                              Our little monkey also checked out Michelle Titian and Duane Rutter at the Cat N Fiddle!

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