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News Roundup (Dave Pomfret, Christopher Clause, Ben Somer)

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Book Club - Jackie Washington: More Than a Blues Singer

This will be the first in an occasional feature where we'll discuss books written by local musicians.


The late Jackie Washington was an amazing storyteller. During his live performances, he often told jokes and interesting stories.

In 1988, Jackie and local author James Strecker decided to put some of those tidbits onto paper and released Talks with Jackie Washington. The book was the result of James' interviews with the legendary bluesman.

The world was treated to more of Jackie's tales when the book was expanded (thanks to more interviews) in 1996 - now with the title More Than a Blues Singer.

The musician's warmth and humour comes across wonderfully in the conversational tone of the book. Interesting stories about his eventful life are mixed in with talk of his long-time musical career. You can hear his unmistakable voice as you read.

Unfortunately, this book is also now out of print but can be found at used book stores. There are copies available at the Hamilton Public Library. They also have a copy of the original, Talks with Jackie Washington, which includes additional photos and a chapter on Jackie's guitar style.

Blast From the Past: Reaction to Jackie Washington's passing

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mark McIntyre and Luke Doucet on new Emma-Lee CD: Backseat Heroine

Toronto singer/songwriter Emma-Lee has spiced up her latest CD, Backseat Heroine (from eOne Entertainment), with the inclusion of two local musicians.

Local bassist Mark McIntyre plays on the disc and so does Whitehorse member and solo artist Luke Doucet. The latter contributes co-lead vocals to the song Today's Another Yesterday (he also co-write it).

This album has a great folk/rock/sometimes jazzy sound. Emma-Lee's vocals run the full gamut from softer ballads to ballsy rockers. It's a must for all modern roots fans.

Also helping her in making these wonderful songs are Denis Keldie, Devrim Eldelekli, Kevin Mendes, and many others.

The CD is available through her web site and as a download through iTunes and eMusic (both have a bonus track)

Below are a few videos from the album courtesy of Emma's YouTube page.

Click here for Emma-Lee's site

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

News Roundup (Russ Burns, Passings, More)

  • Spec story on Edgar Breau
  • Paul Langille was just got nominated for a Jack Richardson Music Award in the Blues category along with Village Blues Band, Chris Murphy, Rick Taylor, Robbie Antone's Blues Machine, and Bill Durst
  • Kori Pop: To all you Degrassi will be able to hear 'Nowhere Near My Heart' on Episode 1138 'Need You Now.' It airs on March 30th at 9pm on Much Music in Canada and Teenick in the US. Yay!!!!!
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New Kori Pop Children's CD: Songs for Little Bean

It's not very often that you hear a children's' album that has some edge to it.  Local singer/songwriter Kori Pop's latest release, Songs for Little Bean, is just that.  While still soothing and relaxing enough for the little ones, Kori doesn't sacrifice her wonderful, unique voice in any of the songs.

What she's created is an incredible collection of classic (Hush Little Baby, Chim Chim Cheree, Itsy Bitsy Spider, more) and original lullabies/kids tunes.  It's perfect for children but also offers something for the adults to appreciate.

Originally created as a gift to her godchild -  the musician was later encouraged to release it to the world.  The CD is available at her live shows and through her bandcamp site. You can also pick it up at Citizen Kid on Locke Street.

Check out the video below that shows the effect the album hs on her god-daughter. Video courtesy of h0ck3y4hamilton

Blast from the Past: Our Review of From the Outskirts

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Monday, March 12, 2012

New Kathleen Edwards CD: Voyageur

Local singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards's latest CD, Voyageur (out on Maple Music), is getting a lot of attention. With appearances on Letterman and rave reviews across the world, she is definitely being noticed.

Her latest offering is certainly worth all the acclaim.  Kathleen has expanded her roots rock sound to include a more produced, modern sound.  The album showcases the singer's vocals as part of a lush, beautiful soundscape. Though alternating between soft, melodic,and poppy textures - the work never overpowers the main focal point: her magnificent voice.

Highlights include the quiet Going to Hell, the jazzy tones of For the Record, and the wonderful single, Change the Sheets.

The album is available through Maple Music and as a download from iTunes or eMusic.

Below are a few songs from Voyageur, courtesy of CBC Radio 3

Blast from the Past: Kathleen at 2009 Junos

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