Monday, May 30, 2016

CONGRATS! 2016 Hamilton Music Award Winners

Here's to the amazing volunteers for the HMAs
Click pic above for more pictures of the event

It was an unforgettable night at  Theatre Aquarius on Sunday, May 29, 2016. The Hamilton Music Awards ceremony was filled with laughs (courtesy of host Ian Thomas) amazing music (including a rare live performance from Lifetime Achievement recipient Dallas Harms) and much more.

Links: Dallas Harms, More Dallas Harms StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B.Lous

Multiple winners (with two each) included Lee Harvey OsmondTerra Lightfoot and Monster Truck.  Including the previous day's Gala Awards, the big winner of the year was Monster truck with 7 trophies followed by radio station CFMU and Terra Lightfoot with 4, then folk rock duo Whitehorse with 3.

Here's the complete list of winners:

Female Artist: Terra Lightfoot
Male Artist: Lee Harvey Osmond
Local Group (People's Choice): The Retroaction
Group: Monster Truck
New Artist/Group: Jennifer Budd
Songwriter: Terra Lightfoot
Album: The Dirty Nil: Higher Power
Blues Recording: Ian Andrews and the Smokin' Scoundrels: Foreplay
Folk/Traditional Recording: The Vaudevillian: Barton Street Blues
Contemporary Folk Recording: Benjamin: The Bear And The Barn Owl
Roots Recording: Lee Harvey Osmond: Beautiful Scars
Jazz Recording: Haolin Monk: HMEP2
Rock Recording: Monster Truck: Sittin' Heavy
Adult Alternative Recording: Whitehorse: Leave No Bridge Unburned
Pop Recording: Walk off the Earth: Sing It All Away
Alternative/Indie Rock Recording: The Dirty Nil: Higher Power
Punk Recording: TV Freaks: Good Luck Charms
Loud/Metal Recording: Anniversary: Anniversary
Rap/Hip Hop Recording: Lee Reed: The Butcher, the Baker, the Bitumen Tanker
Lifetime Achievement: Dallas Harms, Jim Skarratt


Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

CONGRATS! 2016 HMA Gala Award Winners!

On May 28, 2016, Bay City Music Hall was home to the first ever, Gala Awards (formerly the  Hamilton Music Industry Awards)  It was an incredible celebration of the behind the scenes work done for our local scene.  The legendary Ian Thomas did a wonderful, hilarious job as host!

This site was nominated for Website/Online Publication of the Year. but lost to the amazing

The big winners of the the night were Monster Truck (5 awards), CFMU (4) and Lou Molinaro  (2 for him + 2 for his club, This Ain’t Hollywood)

Click here for pictures of the event

Here's a complete list of winners:

Website/Online Publication:
Female Vocalist: Terra Lightfoot
Canadian Recording: Terra LightfootEvery Time My Mind Runs Wild
Rising Star: Camille Intson

Links: Camille Intson, More Camille Intson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Camille Intson

Male Vocalist: Jon Harvey (Monster Truck)
Guitarist: Luke Doucet (Whitehorse)
Drummer: Steve Kiely (Monster Truck)
Bassist: Jon Harvey (Monster Truck)
Piano/Keyboard Player: Jesse O'Brien (Andre Bisson)
Special Instrumentalist: Gianni ‘Luminati’ Nicassio (Walk Off The Earth)
Instrumental Record: Brad Cheeseman Group: Brad Cheeseman Group
Children's Album: Diana Panton: I Believe In Little Things
Electronic Recording: Junior Boys: Big Black Coat
Instrument Retailer: Picks and Sticks
Studio Engineer: Nick Blagona
Producer (s): Graham Walsh (Young RivalEtiquette, Metz, Viet Cong, Alvvays)
Recording Studio: Catherine North
Artist Website:
Best Album Artwork: Whitehorse: Leave No Bridge Unburned
Record Label: True North
Music Retailer: Dr. Disc
Music Director (Radio): Rachel Connell (CFMU)
Publicist: Adam Bentley (Auteur Research)
Radio Show: Lou's Control (CFMU)
Media Person: Ric Taylor (CFMU, View Magazine)
Radio Station: 93.3 CFMU Print Publication: Urbanicity
Major Concert Venue: Gage Park
Live Club: This Ain’t Hollywood
Theatre: The Staircase Theatre
Talent Buyer: Lou Molinaro (This Ain’t Hollywood)
Artist Manager (Local): ‘Parkside’ Mike Renaud 
Artist Manager (International): Oliver Mitchell (Bedlam Music Management)
Talent Agency (Local): Spherical Productions
Talent Agency (International): United Talent Agency 
Tour Manager: John Morely 
Live Sound Engineer: Doug Smith (This Ain’t Hollywood)
Sound and Lighting Company : Soundbox Productions 
Event PhotographerMisha Fotos
Music Teacher (elementary school): Dawn Martens - Buchanan Park
Music Teacher (secondary school): Brian Jones - St. Mary's
Music Teacher (post-secondary school) - Jamshed Turel - Mohawk College
Music Teacher (independent school) - Kate Quigley

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

News Roundup (ISC Winners, Trebleclef Pics, Cartoons, Gord Downie)



Ontario Musicans
Local Honourable Mentions

                The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                Trebleclef visited CFB Borden, thanks to his Uncle John


                He was also invited to a wonderful BBQ and musical jam


                Our little monkey then checked out Dylan Wickens and the Grand Naturals, thanks to BluesSource Entertainment


                Lastly, he went to the Waterdown Streetfest to see the amazing Kyle Pacey Band

                Recently Added

                Nothing this week

                    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

                    Fort Erie's Spencer MacKenzie Unleashes Energetic Debut Album!

                    Fort Erie teenage Blues sensation Spencer Mackenzie has been astounding everyone with his wild, powerful guitar skills for quite a while.  Now he's bottled up that energy and unleashed it on his debut CD, Infected With the Blues.

                    Featuring 8 covers and 3 originals co-written by the young performer, the album displays Spencer's explosive, hard rockin, style.  His voice and guitar playing show more soul and character than some players three times his age.

                    The songs have a full sound thanks to some incredible backup: Brant Parker, David "The Groove Doctor" McMorrow, Alan Duffy, Sean O'Grady, Ryan Baker, Bill Holinaty, Mike Polci, Max Hillier, Sharon Riley, Rochelle Harrison, Camille Harrison and Dean Malton, who also produces.

                    So hurry to one of his unforgettable live shows to pick up the CD or order it through his online shop.  You can also download it using cdbaby.

                    Blast from the Past: Spencer Wins Kitchener Blues Youth Showcase

                    Links: Spencer MacKenzieMore Spencer Mackenzie Stories, Videos above courtesy of Spencer MacKenzieMore Releases

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                    Tuesday, May 24, 2016

                    More Hot Music Coming to Saturday Nite Blues in Hamilton (Chris Antonik, Bill Durst, Wicked Grin)

                    BluesSource Entertainment continues to bring in the hottest acts for their Saturday Nite Blues shows at the Jet Hall in Hamilton.  They'll be taking a break at the end of June but not before rocking the Hammer with three musical giants.

                    Check them out below

                    Links: Chris Antonik, More Chris Antonik Stories, Video above courtesy of Chris Antonik

                    Links: Bill Durst, More Bill Durst Stories,  Video above courtesy of BelAxeBluesFlames

                    Links: Wicked GrinMore Wicked Grin StoriesVideo above courtesy of Rick Arbuckle

                    More BluesSource Shows

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                    Monday, May 23, 2016

                    Hamilton's Colin Cripps on Stunning New Paul Reddick Album!

                    Hamilton's Colin Cripps (ex-Junkhouse, Blue Rodeo) produced and played guitar on Ride the One, the latest amazing work from Toronto singer/songwriter, Paul Reddick. This Stony Plain release boasts Paul at his absolute best.

                    A phenomenal mix of roots and Blues, the recording features the Bluesman's innovative harmonica skills, his strong voice and stunning lyrics.  The feel and tone of the album transcends the ordinary.

                    Colin and Paul are also aided by a collection of talented performers: Greg Cockerill (guitar), Steve Marriner of MonkeyJunk (guitar), Anna Ruddick (bass) and Derek Downham (multiple instruments).  Together, they've created an unforgettable experience.

                    Copies of this superb CD can be picked up at his live shows or through the Stony Plain Online Shop.  Downloads are available via iTunes.

                    Links: Paul Reddick, More Paul Reddick Stories, Video above courtesy of ContinentalRecSerMore Releases

                    Blast from the Past: Paul Reddick and Friends in Milton

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                    Thursday, May 19, 2016

                    News Roundup (Cheryl Lescom, Stingray Chart, James Downham, Mark Lalama)

                    Guy Clark Passes
                    Click pic for video



                    Stingray Blues Album Chart for April 2016

                    Wednesday, May 18, 2016

                    Hamilton's Tom Altobelli Delivers a Funky, Soulful Instrumental Debut EP!

                    With only 4 songs, Hamilton bassman Tom Altobelli  and his band show a tremendous amount of variety on his debut EP, The HAVN Sessions.  This incredible instrumental jazz collection runs the style gamut.

                    From the gypsy infused kick-off track, the gang veer into funk and soul with smooth delivery and vigor.  These guys are definitely skilled and will astound you on each song.

                    Tom has called upon his partners from the Altobeelays to help him out: Andrew King (Sax), Chris Bruder (keys), Scott McIntosh (guitar) and Jordan Snider (drums).

                    If you'd like a CD (and why wouldn't you) you can contact Tom at or download it via his Bandcamp page.

                    Links: Tom AltobelliMore Releases

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                    Tuesday, May 17, 2016

                    CONGRATS! Dallas Harms and Jim Skarratt to Receive HMA Lifetime Achievement Awards

                    Painting by Ken Danby
                    There'll be many people getting awards on May 29th at the Hamilton Music Awards.  It was recently revealed that two Lifetime Achievement Awards will go to well-deserving industry veterans that day.

                    Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Dallas Harms (writer of such hits as Ballad of the Duke and I Picked a Daisy) earned the honour for his decades of musical excellence.

                    Links: Dallas Harms, Videos above courtesy of Niblock Country

                    Jim Skarratt will also receive the same recognition but more for behind-the-scenes work.  He started as a concert promoter in the 60's and is still active through his company Skarratt Promotions and as the owner of Lazy Flamingo.

                    CONGRATS GUYS!

                    Click here for the Hamilton Spectator Story

                    Links: Hamilton Music AwardsMore HMA Stories

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                    Monday, May 16, 2016

                    Georgetown's Matteo De Stefano Debuts With a Stripped Down, Dynamic EP

                    Georgetown troubadour Matteo De Stefano kicks off his solo recording career with All the Ghosts Are Home, a stripped down but dynamic EP.  This live-off-the-floor collection has an organic tone that's simply enticing and warm.

                    His stirring vocals and beautiful guitar work resonate throughout the EP.  It's a recording meant to be savoured and experienced.  He's joined by his fellow Jack Pine cohort Kevin Misner, as well as Douglas Sinclair and Danen Sloan from Datavus.

                    There are only a few physical CD's left so hurry and pick one up at his live gigs or through Bandcamp (it can also be downloaded there).

                    Stream the album below.

                    Links: Matteo De StefanoMore Releases

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                    Friday, May 13, 2016

                    GOOD LUCK! 2016 Gala Award (formerly HMA Industry Awards) Nominations! Including One for Us!

                    This year, Hamilton Music Industry Awards have been renamed the Gala Awards.  The trophies will be handed out on May 28, 2016, 4pm at the Bay City Music Hall.

                    Once again, this site has been nominated for Website/Online Publication of the Year.  A word from Lou, our blogger: "It's an honour to be nominated once again.  There are many exceptional websites promoting our amazing music scene and I'm in great company.  Good luck everybody."

                    McMaster radio station CFMU leads the pack with 10 nominations in 4 categories.  Next in line is Monster Truck with seven.  Whitehorse and Walk Off The Earth earned six each.

                    Here's a complete list of nominees

                    Website/Online Publication
                    Female Vocalist
                    Male Vocalist
                    Piano/Keyboard Player
                    Instrumental Record
                    Children's Album
                    Electronic Recording
                    Instrument Retailer
                    Studio Engineer
                    Producer (s)
                    Recording Studio
                    Artist Website
                    Best Album Artwork
                    Record Label
                    Music Retailer
                    Music Director (Radio)
                    Radio Show
                    Media Person 
                    Radio Station
                    Print Publication
                    Major Concert Venue
                    Live Club
                    Talent Buyer
                    Artist Manager (Local)
                    Artist Manager (International)
                    Talent Agency (Local)
                    Talent Agency (International)
                    Tour Manager
                    Live Sound Engineer 
                    Sound and Lighting Company 
                    Event Photographer
                    Music Teacher (elementary school) by People's Choice

                    Music Teacher (secondary school) by People's Choice

                    Music Teacher (post-secondary school) by People's

                    Music Teacher (independent school) by People's Choice

                    Click here for the winners

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                    Thursday, May 12, 2016

                    News Roundup (Colour Film, Kent MacMillan, Awards, Candye Kane)

                    Candye Kane Passes
                    Click pic for video



                    Featured Media Articles

                    Local winners:

                                The Adventures of Trebleclef, the Hamilton Blues Lovers Monkey

                                Trebleclef went to Big B Comics in Hamilton for Free Comic Book Day.  He got quite a haul (with a little help from mom and dad)


                                He also checked out the wonderful Kent MacMillan Band at Bronte Sports Kitchen in Oakville.  The little guy had a wonderful time.

                                Click here for more photos from the event.

                                Links: Kent MacMillanMore Kent MacMillan StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous