Saturday, June 29, 2019

News Roundup (Polaris Long List, TBS Talent Search, Global Music Awards, Ana Stasia, Tri-Continental))

The Short List will be announced July 16.

Local artists are bolded.
  • The Dirty Nil – Master Volume

    Links: Dirty Nil, More Dirty Nil StoriesVideo above courtesy of The Dirty Nil

  • Lee Harvey Osmond – Mohawk

    Links: Lee Harvey OsmondMore Lee Harvey Osmond StoriesVideo above courtesy of LeE HARVeY OsMOND 

  • Lee Reed – The Steal City EP

    Links: Lee Reed, More Lee Reed Stories, Video above courtesy of Various Artists - Topic

  • Tim Baker – Forever Overhead
  • Tanika Charles – The Gumption
  • Clairmont The Second – Do You Drive?
  • Charlotte Cornfield – The Shape of Your Name
  • Marie Davidson – Working Class Woman
  • Dilly Dally – Heaven
  • Dizzy – Baby Teeth
  • Elisapie – The Ballad of the Runaway Girl
  • FET.NAT – Le Mal
  • Dominique Fils-Aimé – Stay Tuned!
  • Fucked Up – Dose Your Dreams
  • Yves Jarvis – The Same But By Different Means
  • Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated
  • Kaia Kater – Grenades
  • Kimmortal – X Marks the Swirl
  • La Force – La Force
  • LAL – Dark Beings
  • Laurence-Anne – Première apparition
  • Salomé Leclerc – Les choses extérieures
  • Jean Leloup – L’étrange pays
  • Shay Lia – Dangerous
  • Les Louanges – La nuit est une panthère
  • Loud – Tout ça pour ça
  • Shawn Mendes – Shawn Mendes
  • Haviah Mighty – 13th Floor
  • Operators – Radiant Dawn
  • Orville Peck – Pony
  • Sandro Perri – In Another Life
  • PUP – Morbid Stuff
  • Jessie Reyez – Being Human In Public
  • Shad – A Short Story About A War
  • Snotty Nose Rez Kids – Trapline
  • Alexandra Stréliski – INSCAPE
  • sydanie – 999
  • TOBi – STILL
  • Voivod – The Wake
  • Wintersleep – In The Land Of 

Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winner



      2019 Toronto Blues Society Talent Search Contestants

      This year the competition will take place on Saturday, June 29 between 4-8pm at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival
      Spectator Stories

      2019 Global Music Awards Winners
      Canadian Winners listed below. For complete list, click title.

      Silver Medal
      • Across the Board
      • Bruno Vallelunga, Brian Vallelunga, Amanda Vallelunga 
      • Graeme Drum
      • Le Vent du Nord Quintet
      • Milana Zilnik
      • Norm Brunet
      Bronze Medal
      • Dwayne Feriss
      • Nix
      • Rodrigo Simoes
      • Sean Hogan 
      Blast From the Past: Last Time's Winners



          Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

          Trebleclef joined Gunner Smith on the Steel City Music radio show on 101.5 the Hawk.

          Click here for more pics from his visit


          Our little monkey also spent a lot of time at the Artsfest in Westdale:

          Treble with Tri-Coninental

          Links: Tri-Continental, Video above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

          Pictures: Saturday, Sunday Part 1, Sunday Part 2

          Saturday, June 22, 2019

          News Roundup (Steve Strongman, Felicia McMinn, Sold on Hamilton w Judy Marsales, more)

          Free Range
          More Musical Toons

                Spectator Stories

                    Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

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                    Friday, June 21, 2019

                    Kelly Jay of Crowbar Passes

                    Canadian music has lost one of its titans. Steeltown legend Kelly Jay (born Blake Fordham) passed on June 21, 2019 after a long, brave medical battle. His incredible keyboard skills and booming voice helped create the unforgettable sound of the mighty Crowbar. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

                    Here are some career highlights
                    From Lou, our blogger:
                    I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Jay and seeing him perform on numerous occasions. He had a smile for me every time and his good nature was always on display. I'll miss him terribly.
                    Here are a few social media reactions (we will add more as they come)

                    Hank Fordham (son)
                    I adored my father. After my mother’s death in 2006, his wife's death of 15 years in 2012 and his recent medical complications, I took to calling him daily — initially out of concern, then because I found that I really enjoyed talking with him. As we traded daily phone calls over the last few years, with a visit mixed in twice a week, our relationship deepened and sweetened. Now, I’ve lost not only my dad, but I’ve also lost my friend. (Click here for the full statement)
                    I just wanted to say I love you dad, and that I look forward now to getting to see you on the other side some day. There's a show up in heaven today, and the world is left with your gift of music. 
                    Bella Fordham (daughter)
                    It breaks my heart that some people don't have a wonderful father and I consider myself very lucky. Everyone knows my dad as a legendary rockstar. I know him for the man that has raised my siblings and I with an unfathomable amount of love. 
                    You have taught me so much and I will always be grateful for having such a strong, inspirational man as my dad. 
                    Lily Sazz (Cootes Paradise)
                    Kelly Jay is part of us, and we are part of him. I wouldn't be a musician if it weren't for him.  
                    Media coverage (we will add more as we find them)
                    Please click here to help his family with the funeral expenses and organize a celebration of life.

                    Videos above courtesy of Hank Fordham

                    Video above courtesy of Paul DeFelice

                    Click here for More Kelly Jay Stories

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                    Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! Video by Derek Miller, Logan Staats, Iskwe w Tanya Tagaq

                    Links: Derek MillerMore Derek Miller StoriesVideo above courtesy of ELMNT FM Toronto

                    Links: Logan StaatsMore Logan Staats StoriesVideo above courtesy of Glen Marshall

                    Links: IskwéMore Iskwé Stories, Tanya Tagaq, More Tanya Tagaq StoriesVideo above courtesy of Digital Lodge

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                    Tuesday, June 18, 2019

                    CONGRATS! Local 2019 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards Winners

                    Ottawa was abuzz with musical goodness on June 16, 2019. The Country Music Association of Ontario Awards were held at our nation's capital. A number of local artists took home some hardware.

                    St. Catharines superstar Tim Hicks won two awards (Male Artists of the Year and the Nelson Compass Award). 

                    Cambridge group The Reklaws brought home two as well (Group or Duo of the Year and Single of the Year)

                    Links: ReklawsMore Reklaws StoriesVideo above courtesy of The Reklaws

                    Also, Record Producer of the Year winner Jeff Dalziel worked with Niagara's Ryan Langdon in 2019.

                    Links: Ryan LangdonMore Ryan Langdon StoriesVideo above courtesy of Ryan Langdon

                    CONGRATS EVERYBODY!

                    Here's a complete list of winners. Area musicians are highlighted.
                    Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

                    Saturday, June 15, 2019

                    News Roundup (Mike Branton, Victoria Anthony, Trebleclef Adventures, more)

                    More Musical Toons

                            Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

                            Trebleclef was very bust last week.

                            On Saturday, he headed on over to the Concession Streetfest to check out the legendary Crowbar. He had an amazing time.

                            Click here for more pics from the event


                            On Saturday, our little monkey went to his first comic convention. The Niagara Fall Comic Con was filled with lots of wonders he enjoyed.


                            On Monday, he also visited Safari Niagara for the first time and had a blast checking out all the animals, including some of his cousins!

                            MORE NEWS ROUNDUPS

                            Friday, June 14, 2019

                            CONGRATS! 2019 Hamilton Arts Awards Winners

                            This year's Hamilton Arts Awards featured a number of musical winners. The hardware was handed out on Wednesday, June 13th at Theatre Aquarius.

                            Here's complete list of winners:
                            Each established winner got $2,500 and a bronze medallion. Emerging winners received $1,000. The Shirley Elford Emerging Artist Prize was worth $2,000.

                            Saturday, June 8, 2019

                            Trebleclef's Busy Weekend (Jacob Moon, Blues With a Feeling, Andy Griffiths, Brantford Open Stage)

                            Trebleclef, our little Monkey mascot was very busy last weekend so we're featuring all his adventures in this blog spot.

                            On Saturday afternoon, he went to the Barton Village Festival, checked out Jacob Moon and had a ton of fun.

                            Click here for more pictures from the event


                            Then Saturday night, he checked out the 2019 Blues With a Feeling Fundraiser ft Danny MarksSteve Strongman and Jack de Keyzer.

                            Kevin Lehman, Larry Feudo (Trickbag) & Danny Marks
                            Click here for more pictures from the event.


                            He woke up the next morning and headed to Locke Street to see Andy Griffiths promoting his children's CD and new book (You should definitely get both!). He bumped into a few other friends as well.

                            Artwork by Helen Griffiths. Andy Griffiths with Linda Luigi
                            Click here for more pictures from the event

                            Links: Andy GriffithsMore Andy Griffiths StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous


                            Sunday afternoon, he celebrated Jim Marino's Freewheelin' Folk Show on CFMU by attending a great fundraiser at the Brantford Best Western. Check out the performance from the Corktown All-Stars and Friends.

                            Click here for more pictures from the event

                            Video above courtesy of Hamilton B. Lous

                            More Trebleclef Adventures

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                            Friday, June 7, 2019

                            News Roundup (Zero Fire, Angie & Brent Hare, Freewheelin' Folk 25th Anniversary, Mose Scarlett Passes, More)

                            Off the Mark
                            More Musical Toons

                                  Click link above to listen.

                                  Featuring live performances by 
                                  Mose Scarlett Passes

                                  Painting by Erin Kelly Gillis
                                  Social media reactions

                                  It's with great sadness that I mark the passing of my old friend, Moseley Stephen Scarlett, who died on May 30. When I say old friend, we became friends in the 1960's. In 1969 we made our Mariposa Folk Festival debut at the same "New Songwriters" concert. We played together often through the 70's & 80's, but the 20 years working together with our friend Jackie Washington really took our friendship to another level. As well as his amazing, baritone voice and crisp, fingerpicking guitar he will be missed for his generous spirit, great sense of humour and loquaciousness.
                                  I met Mose several times, played with him twice and I always loved his gentle candor and was in awe of his deep level of musical knowledge.
                                  I first met Mose Scarlett when he came to town to play the Underdog in the late 80s. We became fast friends and I took him on a walking tour of the town he had grown up in. We went by some of his childhood haunts, played some guitar. I was sad to see him get on the train to Toronto, but we visited many more times, in Toronto, Peterborough and many festivals over the years. Mose had an astonishing memory for some of the finest details of decades-old conversations. He was a kind, compassionate man and he played and sang like no other. I checked in on him the day before he passed and he was resting. Rest in peace, Mose.
                                  Doug McClemont:
                                  Goodbye to my friend Mose Scarlett, ragtime guitarist with the richest baritone voice I've ever recorded. Played bass with Mose on several gigs. The songs he played from the 1930's and 40's had more chords than most albums have now. He exposed me to a lot of great old-timey music from the early part of the last century. Played several intense Trivial Pursuit games with him and our buddy Norm Hacking when he lived on Major St. A classy gentleman with a wicked sense of humour, whose song introductions were often longer than the songs he performed. We'll miss you, Mose.

                                  Links: Mose Scarlett, Video above courtesy of randallstaffordcook


                                      Adventures of Trebleclef, the Music-Loving Monkey

                                      Trebleclef has been very busy so he's gonna have his own blog post soon.

                                      MORE NEWS ROUNDUPS

                                      Saturday, June 1, 2019

                                      Lafayette Leake's 100th Birthday

                                      Today (June 1, 2019) would have marked legendary American Bluesman Lafayette Leake's 100th birthday. He has an incredible solo career and also backed up Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy WilliamsonOtis Rush, Junior Wells, and Little Walter.

                                      Video above courtesy of MemorableSaxRiff

                                      Video above courtesy of Catalina Greenholt

                                      Video above courtesy of  Fede Corchero

                                      Video above courtesy of Stan Brewer

                                      Links: Lafayette LeakeMore 100th Birthdays

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