Monday, January 31, 2022

Neil Young's Harvest Turns 50 + Local Covers

Today (February 1, 2022) 'Harvest', the best selling album from Canadian music legend, Neil Young turns 50 years old.

Below are a few local covers of songs from the album.

And now a video from the man himself.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Trebleclef Features Local Music Trivia

Our mascot, Trebleclef the Music Loving Monkey has been doing some remote teaching during the pandemic. He's been featuring local music trivia tidbits on his Facebook page through the #ProfTrebleTrivia hashtag.

Treble's always looking for interesting local music trivia so if you'd like to share some with him, please email

Below are a few samples of what our little monkey has been teaching.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

King Biscuit Boy's 'Good 'Uns' Turns 50 This Year

This year (2022), Good 'Uns the second album from the legendary Hamilton Bluesman, King Biscuit Boy turns 50 years old.


We asked various members of the local music scene for their thoughts on the album. Here are their responses:

Ian Andrews

It's a hearty blues stew with remarkable flavors of sound; seasoned with tales of reckless living, rambunctious Cajun grooves, and a 'mouth of steel' charisma that impacts every listener and puts them in the heart of contentful chaos that resolves in grace. A great musical influence gone but not forgotten.
Ken Wallis (BluesSource Canada)
King Biscuit Boy’s album was the only album I ever owned that came wrapped in burlap. I think that was because inside the music was so hot that it needed a sturdy cover to stop the music from leaking out. The album is filled with classic King Biscuit Boy. His harmonica soars into the blues stratosphere. Just listen to Boom Boom Out Goes The Light. It is classic King Biscuit Boy and this was always the last song he’d play to close out a live gig. Hamilton was lucky to have witnessed such a talent.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

GOOD LUCK! Local Blues and Roots Radio International Song Contest Finalists

From the Blues and Roots Radio website:

The International Song Contest this year was judged by an independent panel of Ten jurors who are currently part of the Worldwide Blues & Roots Radio team, they are all active in their music communities in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia, a number of the jurors sit on regional and national award panels in their respective countries. 

​Thank you to everyone who submitted their songs to this years contest, we had a record number of entries from around the world, the quality of entries was extremely high making it a difficult task for our jurors.

Listed below are the chosen finalists (25) in each category.

Category winners to be announced January 20th 2022. ($250 CAD Cash Prize )

Overall winner to be announced January 30th 2022 (Annual Award + $1000 CAD Cash Prize)

Local artists are bolded

Singer Songwriter (Male)

  • Andre Bisson (Hamilton) - When I'm Gone

    Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Andre Bisson - Topic

  • Bert Deivert - Badge 623
  • Bobbo Byrnes - Hold Me
  • Broke Fuse - Strawberry Moon
  • Daniel Cook - Take it Slow
  • Danny Garrett - Make it Talk
  • Duffmusiq - Ordinary Fool
  • Glen MacNeil - Car Window
  • Greg Hancock - Changing
  • Ian David Green - Born Under a Northern Light
  • Ian Roland - Beyond Words
  • James Bennett - Before I Fall
  • Jay Elle - She's So Fine
  • Jeremy Parsons - Good Ole Days
  • Kyle McKearney - Devil Water
  • L.A. Moore - Reach Out
  • Mark Sterling - Deep Down
  • Michael Cunningham - Last Dance
  • Nicholas James Thomasma - The One That Got Away
  • Rob Lutes - That Bird Has My Wings
  • Sam Barbour - Freedom Wheels
  • Steve Warner - Grace
  • String Bone - Where Do You Go
  • Terry Penney - Valley Of The Whispering Pine
  • Tim Isberg - Jerusalem Road

Singer Songwriter (Female)

  • Laura Keating (Hamilton) - Mercy Me

    Links: Laura KeatingMore Laura Keating StoriesVideo above courtesy of Laura Keating - Topic

  • Amanda Grace - Please Dear Sun
  • Amy Blake - Blue
  • Briar Summers - Stronger
  • Elly Wininger - The Blues Never End
  • Emma Gale - Enjoy Life While You Can
  • Francine Honey - Hold On
  • Hannah Acfield - Like Lovers Do
  • I Claudia - The Elephant and You
  • Ingrid Gerdes - Water Through Your Hands
  • Izzy Burns - Where Did We Go Wrong
  • Kate Reid - Caroline
  • Kate Weekes - Sing it to the Hills
  • Kim Doolittle - Poor Boy (Oh My My)
  • Kim Williams Music - Fight Strong
  • Liza Ohlback - bad day
  • Lucie Tiger - Gasoline
  • Moira Bren - Just Cars
  • Nancy Dutra - I Cry
  • Piper Butcher - Before The Thunder
  • Rachel Walker - I Never Knew
  • Rhona MacFarlane - No Rain
  • Sandra Sutter - Standing People
  • Terra Spencer - Feels Like Home
  • Tiki Black - Colour Me Blue

Duo | Trio | Band

  • Anders Drerup - Two First Kisses
  • Big Little Lions - Only A Friend Like You
  • Blue Moon Marquee - As I Lay Dying
  • CFI Celtic Rock - The Storm
  • Chris Andres Band - Scars
  • Dean Owens - Land Of The Hummingbird
  • Fresh Breath - World Gone Crazy
  • igoodea - Late December
  • Jabbour - Carling Lake
  • Jason Lee McKinney Band - Paperback Novels
  • JJ ROOTS - Boxcars and Memoirs
  • Karen Morand and The Bosco Boys - Never Enough
  • Kayulta - Take the Easy Way
  • Leslie D King and The Trembling Shakes - The Standard Dream
  • Linda Arseneault - Cranky Pants
  • Liz Jones and Broken Windows - Stain
  • Mermaid Avenue - Turn the Page
  • Nesrallah Artuso Project - I Love My Girl
  • Paul Saint John and the Nighthawks - Sideshow Queen
  • ​Rambal - Give Me a Little Love
  • Shock Sorrow - Lament
  • Stacey McNeill and Jonathan Smith - Blood on My Hands
  • The Swamp Stompers - Wishing I Had You
  • The Water Runners - Point of No Return
  • Wild Flight - Whiskey Talkin

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Canadian Blues Great 'Harpdog Brown' Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Canadian Blues great Harpdog Brown on January 7, 2022. He was from Vancouver, BC but played our area quite a lot. Harpdog won various awards and was nominated for a Juno.
From his Facebook page:

It is with great sadness to have to inform all of Harpdog's fans.. friends.. and everyone he has touched.. that the legend himself passed away today in his home. Peacefully.. now he will be jamming with all his music mentors he talks of and loved to play their songs. He loved you all!

Hamilton musician Mark Volkov wrote a wonderful essay about Harpdog. Click here to view

Social Media Reaction 

Jack de Keyzer

Such sad news this morning. Harpdog Brown passed away last night. The epitome of big hearted. An old school blues man; hard living, hard driving, fun loving and a generous soul.  He lived and loved the blues.  Dog you will be missed by many.  RIP.

Sean McAuley

OMG... what a terrible loss to the harp AND music community! Absolutely the most wonderful person you could ask for... my thoughts go out to HD’s family, friends and fans. RIP Harpdog Brown, I will always remember your support and kind conversations... 

JW Jones

Damn sad to hear about Harpdog Brown passing. Bluesman. Trouble-maker. Long-winded. Lover. Larger-Than-Life-Personality. Purist. Real-Deal. He lived like the legends of the music he played, a lot of the time. We first met in about 2002 I think when he had me on his radio show in Edmonton. We played together many times and the fit was natural. What a guy... what a loss...RIP 

Links: Harpdog BrownMore Harpdog Brown Stories, Videos above courtesy of Harpdog Brown

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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Hamilton Blues Lovers on 'Sold On Hamilton with Judy Marsales' Radio Show!

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, our blogger Lou and HBL marketing maven Linda were guests on the 'Sold On Hamilton with Judy Marsales' radio show on CHML 900AM in Hamilton. 

This wonderful show is generally broadcast on the first Saturday on the month between 11am and 12pm. It is hosted by Judy Marsales, owner of Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd (a proud HBL sponsor) and an amazing local music supporter. The program showcases the best and brightest citizens of the Hammer, including many musicians. Judy also discusses the Hamilton housing market.

Below is the episode Lou and Linda were on - they were interviewed at the 23:39 mark

Links: Show above courtesy of Global NewsSold on HamiltonMore 'Sold on Hamilton' Stories

Other incredible guests included lawyer and vice chair of the John Howard Society of Hamilton, Jeffrey Manishen (1:37 mark) plus Mary Francis Moore, the new artistic director of Theatre Aquarius (13:46 mark). 

Click here for photos from our visit.

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