Sunday, August 27, 2023

Simcoe's Rockin' Bobby Harris Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of longtime musician Rockin' Bobby Harris (Robert Edward Harris). He died on August 24, 2023. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.


Born in 1937 in Simcoe, Ontario, Rockin' Bobby Harris began his musical career at the age of 16 when he bought his first acoustic guitar and began playing rockabilly, with both originals and covers.

Although his main gig was driving a big rig, Bobby still whooped and hollered whenever he could. He was a big fan of Carl Perkins, Johnny Horton, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash. In 1960 he finally met Johnny Cash face to face, and was blown away by that meeting. Bob also released a single during his younger years. Once Bobby retired from trucking, he had more time to play.

From 1997 to 2007 Bobby joined 'Two Dollar Bill And His Bad Pennies' playing gigs all over Ontario. When he realized his health was starting to hold him back from playing, Bobby cut a CD in 2005 with producer Andy Magoffin so he'd have a viable recording of his style and music. Two different version of this CD exist. When Two Dollar Bill broke his band up, Bobby began singing with Bernie Demmery's band in Port Dover for two years.

Bobby stopped actively playing after 2009, but still lives down in Tillsonburg, ON, where music is still his life. Bob is also a very skilled artist, and one of his drawings is on display at the Simcoe Art Museum.

Social Media Reaction 

Duane Rutter

Local Legend “Rockin” Bobby Harris has been liberated from the trials of his earthly body. 

An original in the early golden days of the true Norfolk Sound, he never quit, often resorting to taping a pick to his hand because he could no longer grip one. Rockin’ Bob was a treasure to those of us old enough to remember as well as the generations to follow.

 He was very kind to me and I’m embarrassed at the number of years that have disappeared since our last visit.

Our hearts go out to his dear ones.

Video above courtesy of  Rockin' Bobby Harris

Video above courtesy of  Rockin' Bobby Harris

Video above courtesy of  Rockin' Bobby Harris

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Support Local Charities

Support Local Charities

From their website: Interval House will provide a safe place, support for abused women with or without children,community outreach services and practice-based research in our shared quest for freedom from violence.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Hamilton Drummer Cliff Goodwin Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Hamilton drummer Cliff Goodwin. Unfortunately, we don't know the details of his death put will post on this page when we know more. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Cliff performed with many band in the area including Big Johnny Blue, No Show Smith, and Blueswinder (aka Paul Coombs Band)

Social Media Reaction

Very sad to hear about the passing of Cliff Goodwin . You sure will be missed around the Hamilton music scene. I remember some 20 plus years ago he pinched hit for us at the last minute for a New Year's Eve gig at "The Happy Hog" in Tottenham Ontario, saving our butts. He was always damn good company. RIP

Paul Coombs (Blueswinder)

From the beginning, when we were Blueswinder, Clifford Goodwin was family. 

He now joins the other incredible blues musicians who have gone on to play for the angels. 

Good journey, and rest peacefully Cliff.

Links: BlueswinderMore Blueswinder StoriesVideo above courtesy of Gary Greenland

Links: Big Johnny BlueMore Big Johnny Blue StoriesVideo above courtesy of John Crawford

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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Happy Poet's Day (Videos by James Owen Brown, Ian Keteku, Sergio Guerra)

Links: James Owen BrownVideo above courtesy of SPEAKoutPoetry

Links: Ian KetekuVideo above courtesy of 

Please Support Local Charities

Please Support Local Charities

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Jim Reeves' 100th Birthday + Local Covers

Today (August 20, 2023) would have been American country singer Jim Reeves' 100th birthday.

Biography highlights
  • Born James Travis Reeves (August 20, 1923)
  • 1955-1958: Guest hosted many episodes of TV show, Ozark Jubilee.
  • Nicknames Gentleman Jim
  • Early 60's: Was more popular in South Africa than Elvis  and recorded several albums in the Afrikaans language.
  • Died: July 31, 1964
  • 1967: Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame
Here are a few covers of songs that Jim recorded. Courtesy of local artist Victor Morgado

Links: Victor Morgado,  Video above courtesy of VictorMMorgado

And a song from the man himself

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Please Support Local Charities

Please Support Local Charities

From their website: The Farley Foundation assists those who are struggling financially to pay for veterinary care for their pets. Pet owners who cannot afford medical care for their sick or injured pet, and who fall into one of the categories below, are encouraged to talk to their veterinarian about the availability of Farley Foundation funding.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

50th Anniversary of Lynyrd Skynyrd Debut + Local Covers

Today (August 13, 2023) Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd, the debut album from Southern Rock pioneers Lynyrd Skynyrd turns 50 years old.

Below are a few local covers of songs from the album.


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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Remembering Superstar Robbie Robertson

The music world is reeling after the loss of superstar Robbie Robertson who passed away on August 9, 2023. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Robbie was best known as the guitarist and main songwriter with The Band. He also worked with Ronnie Hawkins, Bob Dylan, Martin Scorcese, local guitarist Bill Dillon and many others. Originally from Six Nations and Brantford, Robbie gained worldwide fame through The Band and his incredible solo work. 

Robbie's family released this statement:

Robbie was surrounded by his family at the time of his death, including his wife, Janet, his ex-wife, Dominique, her partner Nicholas, and his children Alexandra, Sebastian, Delphine, and Delphine’s partner Kenny. He is also survived by his grandchildren Angelica, Donovan, Dominic, Gabriel, and Seraphina. Robertson recently completed his fourteenth film music project with frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese, Killers of the Flower Moon. In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to the Six Nations of the Grand River to support a new Woodland Cultural Centre


Social Media Reaction

Bill Dillon (Hamilton guitarist who recorded and performed with Robbie)

It's not that I'm at a loss for words 

That would be ridiculous, but I have to find some or even one word.

I was born in Toronto in the early 50s and into the 60s so there's the awareness of his guitar playing, it's not about that.

Leaving the Hawk for Bob Dylan, it's not about that 

The emerging Band and each of their unbelievable albums, it's not about that.

All the records and TV shows and huge concerts in Europe we did together, the movie soundtracks, the Native records, it's not about that. 

I'm crawling out of an abyss I've never had to before with so much difficulty. 

Soo many friends gone and artists gone it's been rough enough to say the least.

Dan Lanois gave me the opportunity to experience something I'd only dreamed of all through my formative years, Dan is my friend and I love him dearly.

Robbie Robertson gave me the opportunity to realize my dreams, he's my friend and I love him dearly 

So what is it that's so difficult to comprehend for me?

Through the shock and emotional collapse of this loss, while trying to come to grips with the reality, it took my best friend Barb to say the magic words "he trusted you".

That's what this is about, Trust.

These friendships were forged on trust, through every endeavor and every challenge together every success there was that one magic word, trust.

To look into each others eyes and know without saying anything at all, friendship and trust spoke volumes enough to proceed with anything at hand and it Had to come from the heart, That is friendship, that is trust.

No amount of money or success can buy this 

No amount of gratitude can convey this 

No amount of memories can replace this 

That's what I will miss about Robbie: looking him in the eyes and experiencing his trust,in me.

It's humbling, it's devastating, and I find it difficult to trust anybody who doesn't know those two words in their heart.

Gary Kendall (Downchild)

Robbie Robertson:  It's difficult to accept the passing of members of a generation that changed music and in some ways the world along with it.  I first heard his name as a teenage musician in Fort William Ontario when I was starting my journey into the world of blues and R&B.  It was 1966.  No social media then, all word of mouth.  Guitar players I would meet spoke of Toronto heroes Domenic Troiano, Robbie Robertson and others in the terms of legend.  The word was out, Robbie was the best, a master of the Telecaster.  He`d been with Ronnie Hawkins, Bob Dylan and story was that he and the Hawks were hiding out somewhere in the U.S. preparing to break out with their own music.  And then Music From Big Pink and all the great records that followed.

Personally I was wrapped up in schooling myself, learning my craft in the blues, a landscape I knew The Band had already passed through.  My record collection, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and The Band. I`ve always been a fan, the 2nd album, The Band (the brown one) was a wedding present in 1969 and I was fortunate to see three live Band shows before the original lineup wrapped up in 1976.  We`re all very fortunate to have lived during an era when Robbie Robertson created music.  He gave us a lot to be thankful for.

Bob Bryden

We all have different and sometimes very unique points of entry or connection with artists. With Robbie Robertson of course I was around when he was playing with Dylan. I bought  ‘Big Pink’ the year it was released. I followed The Band’s career arc - as well as much of Robertson’s solo work. But my most felt connection with him was when he collaborated with another one of my most deeply admired musicians, film composer Alex North. North composed the scores for the groundbreaking  ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, plus ‘Spartacus’, Liz Taylor's ‘Cleopatra’,  ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ and the immortal ‘’Unchained Melody’ among many others. Robbie Robertson and Alex North worked together on the music for 1980’s ‘Carny’. 

Wayne DeAdder

My Robbie Robertson story:

I used to go with my friend John to the Horseshoe Tavern almost every year to see Colin Linden.  He would always bring Rick Danko and Garth Hudson as his guests.

One year the Band was being inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame so Colin did one of his annual shows with Rick and Garth. 

John and I were at the front as close as we could get to the stage as usual.  I think I was about 18 or 19. 

Rumors had been going around that Robbie was going to play. Suddenly, out he stepped onto the Horseshoe stage. Robbie Robertson. With Rick Danko and Garth Hudson. Right in front of my eyes. 

I grabbed the 35 mm camera that I snuck in and snapped a couple of quick photos.  I’m going to find the negatives one of these days.  They did two songs together and it was glorious. 

Earlier in the night, Ronnie Hawkins had come out and sang a few songs with them as well.  

“Just like the old days in Port Dover, eh Ricky?” I overheard Ronnie say to Rick Danko. 

For this teenager, it was a life-changing evening.

Video above courtesy of Robbie Robertson

Video above courtesy of Robbie Robertson

Links: Robbie RobertsonMore Robbie Robertson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Robbie Robertson

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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Local Blues Veteran Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne Honoured at Jus’ Blues Music Awards + Full Winners List

Local Blues veteran Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne added to his long list of accolades when he received the  Bobby “Blue” Bland Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jus’ Blues Foundation VIP Honoree Reception on August 2nd and at the Jus' Blues Music Awards "Night of the Living Legends" on August 3rd at the Bluesville Music Hall in Tunica, Mississippi.

“Life is a mystery and full of surprises and this Lifetime Achievement Award is surely a surprise,” said Wayne. “I am very honoured to be receiving it.”

Links: Kenny "Blues Boss" WayneMore Kenny "Blues Boss" StoriesVideo above courtesy of Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - Topic

Other winners include:

  • William Bell Blues & Soul Award (Outstanding Accomplishments as an Artist, Arranger, Writer & Producer in The Genre Of Blues & Soul Music): William Bell

  • The Lucy Award, (Outstanding Guitar Artistry & Performances, Being on Fire & Feeling the Funk In The Blues): James "Super Chikan" Johnson

  • The King Of The Blues Award (Dedication to the Preservation Thru Performance Of Maintaining the Traditional Heritage of the Blues): Rashad The Blues Kid

  • The Koko Taylor Queen of the Blues Award (Outstanding Works in Maintaining the Preservation of Performing in The Traditional Blues Heritage): Nora Jean Wallace

  • The Willie Dixon Songwriters Award (Outstanding Achievements in Songwriting in Blues & Soul Music): Corey Harris

  • The Willie Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award (Outstanding Productions & Accomplishments in Blues & Soul Music: Oona Mitchell & Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell

  • The Bobby Rush Blues Entertainer Award (Outstanding Musicianship Performing Traditional Blues Music): Dennis Jones

  • The Denise Lasalle Recording Excellence Award (Outstanding Production in Recording Blues & Soul Music): Vickie Baker

  • Blues Living Legend Award (Artist We Respect as a Living Legend for Their Outstanding Accomplishments and Contributions to Blues & Soul Music): Bob Stroger

  • The Millie Jackson Classy & Sassy Award (Outstanding Female Artistry That Keeps it Real in Blues & Soul Music): Diedra

  • The Benny Latimore “Let's Straighten It Out Award” (Outstanding Accomplishments for the Preservation of Blues & Soul Music Heritage Behind The Scenes): Morgan Freeman

  • The Little Milton Campbell Real Blues Man Award (Outstanding Accomplishments Being a Most Soulful Blues & Soul Singer & Guitarist): Wayne Baker Brooks

  • The Ruben Hughes Blues Radio Personality Award (Outstanding Accomplishments in the Preservation of Programming Blues & Soul Music on The Radio: Jerry "Boogie" Mason

  • The Muddy Award (Outstanding Music Contributions To The Blues): Jesse Robinson

  • The Juke Joint Award (Outstanding Blues & Soul Entertainment Preserving the Juke Joint Style and Preserving the Traditions of the Chitlin' Circuit Clubs: Sharon Lewis

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Please Support Local Charities

Please Support Local Charities

From their website: Neighbour to Neighbour works to improve the quality of life in our community by offering access to tutoring programs for children, community kitchen programs, utility subsidy programs, family counselling, emergency food access and a host of other interventions. Neighbour to Neighbour is empowering people with the tools and ideas that will help change their lives.

They also have an amazing used book store.

The Hamilton Blues Lovers (HBL) want to showcase a deserving local charity every week.  HBL is not affiliated with these charities nor does it fund raise for them.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

1st Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinctions

From the Blues and Roots Radio announcement

The first recipients of the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” have been selected.

Blues Legend: Chuck Jackson

Links: Chuck JacksonMore Chuck Jackson StoriesVideo above courtesy of Duncan Bristow

Through over 50 years of live musical performance, and serving as a founder and Director of the Southside Shuffle for 25 years, Chuck Jackson’s contributions to the Canadian Blues Collective meet the strict mandate to be acknowledged with the distinction of “Blues Legend”. With the distinction, Jackson will receive a physical representation of his “Blues Legend” status, and full authority to recognize up to two musicians with the “Blues Legacy” distinction. In keeping with the two-tiered, musician-led formula, Jackson has selected the artists to be acknowledged with the Blues Legacy Distinction:

Blues Legacy: Richard “Hock” Walsh (vocalist), and Jane Vasey (piano)

Links: “Hock” Walsh, Video above courtesy of Ralph B Mac Donald

Links: Jane Vasey, More Downchild StoriesVideo above courtesy of Radio Gordo

In response to being the first recipient of the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction”, Jackson shared his thoughts about the initiative:

“To be the first recipient, I’m very honoured. I’m looking forward to seeing this continue to grow – Canada has a rich resource of Blues musicians who deserve to be recognized, and this is a really good way to do it. There are so many artists in Canada who have made an impact, who haven’t been recognized through programs that are out there, and this is something different. To be able to name Hock Walsh and Jane Vasey is also something I am very happy to do - both of them have made great contributions through music, and this is recognition they should have had a long time ago. There are a lot of artists who have passed, who are deserving, and this is a way for people to have an opportunity to learn about their musical contributions. Like I said, this is something I’m looking forward to seeing grow, and I’m very honoured to be the first recipient and name Hock and Jane as two of the people who deserve this recognition too.”

Jackson is scheduled to be presented with a physical award acknowledging the distinction on Thursday August 17th, 2023 as part of the 25th annual Southside Shuffle’s opening event, The Beggars Blues Banquet. The event takes place at the Port Credit Legion in Port Credit, Ontario.

For event and ticket information, visit

The “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” is a new initiative that strives to acknowledge the musicians who have made an impact within the Canadian Blues Collective. Founded and funded by Canadian Blues artist Erin McCallum, the distinction is two-tiered; musicians who are recognized as “Blues Legends” (they must meet a strict mandate to be eligible) are automatically given the opportunity to acknowledge up to two musicians (who also meet the outlined criteria) to be given the distinction of “Blues Legacy”.

In addition to “Blues Legends” being acknowledged with a physical recognition, all musicians who are acknowledged via the “Erin McCallum Blues Legend & Legacy Distinction” will receive a written acknowledgement. Each written acknowledgement will be published with the intention of creating an accessible resource for people worldwide to learn about the notable Blues musicians who have made an impact within the Canadian Blues music Collective.

Blues and Roots Radio Canada will be the official online platform for people to access information about this initiative, and the artists who receive the Blues Legend and Blues Legacy distinctions.

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Friday, August 4, 2023

Hamilton's Kyle Pacey Proclaims His Return with Road Songs

Award-winning Hamilton artist Kyle Pacey is back with a new fabulous musical collection: Road Songs. He's turned up the soul on this one without sacrificing any of the rockin' energy Kyle's known for. There's also an extra funky vibe on a few tracks.

In only 5 tunes, Kyle and the gang inject the songs with enough grooves and jazzy bits for two full albums. Kyle's unmistakable voice proclaims his victorious return as his guitar punches through with dexterity and skill. 

Joining Kyle is the main backup band consiting of  Michael Sloski (drums), Howard Ayee (bass) and Rob Gusevs (keyboards). Guests include Jay Burr, Michael Birthelmer and Donna Panchezak  (Trickbag).

Physical CDs are available at Kyle's incredible live shows. The recording's also available on his Bandcamp pageiTunes and Spotify

You can stream the album below.

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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Local 2023 Canadian Country Music Awards Nominees + Full List

Not only were local artist well-represented at the 2023 Canadian Country Music Awards nominees list but the CCMA events will take place in the Hammer on September 14-16 this year! The awards show itself will be hosted at the FirstOntario Centre on Saturday, September 16.

Below is the complete list of nominees. Local acts are bolded.

Click here for the winners

Album of the Year 

Fans’ Choice 

  • Tim Hicks (St. Catharines)
  • The Reklaws (Cambridge)
  • Josh Ross (Waterdown)
  • Dean Brody
  • Jade Eagleson
  • High Valley
  • James Barker Band
  • Brett Kissel
  • Dallas Smith
  • Tenille Townes

Male Artist of the Year

  • Josh Ross (Waterdown)
  • Dean Brody
  • Jade Eagleson
  • Brett Kissel
  • Dallas Smith

Group or Duo of the Year

  • The Reklaws (Cambridge)
  • High Valley
  • Hunter Brothers
  • James Barker Band
  • Tim & The Glory Boys

Breakthrough Artist or Group of the Year

Musical Collaboration of the Year 

Alternative Country Album of the Year

Single of the Year

Songwriter(s) of the Year 

  • Trouble (Artist: Josh Ross - Waterdown) – Josh Ross, Mason Thornley
  • Back To Drinkin’ Whiskey (Artist: Tyler Joe Miller) - Kelly Archer, Danick Dupelle, Tyler Joe Miller
  • Float (Artist: Tim & The Glory Boys) - Rodney Clawson, Tim Neufeld, Allen Salmon
  • Greatest Show On Dirt (Artist: Meghan Patrick) - Trannie Anderson, Matt McGinn, Jake Mitchell, Meghan Patrick
  • The Thing That Wrecks You (Artist: Tenille Townes feat. Bryan Adams) - Bryan Adams, Daniel Tashian, Tenille Townes, Kate York
Video of the Year

Guitar Player of the Year

  • Jeff Brown (Burlington)
  • Ryan Davidson
  • Johnny Gasparic
  • Chad Murphy
  • Brennan Wall

Steel Guitar Player of the Year

Fiddle Player of the Year

  • Tyler Beckett (Brantford)
  • Denis Dufresne
  • Julie Kennedy
  • Ben Rutz
  • Mike Sanyshyn

Speciality Instrument of the Year

Creative Team or Designer of the Year

  • Design Team: Mitchell Nevins (Guelph)
    Album: Talk To Time (Artist: Tim Hicks - St. Catharines)
    Tour Poster: Zero To Sixty Tour (Artist: Tim Hicks)

    Album: Back To The Trailer, Marketing Assets (Artist: Dayna Reid)

  • Design Team: Austin Chaffe
    Album Marketing: Good Ol’ Days (Artist: The Reklaws - Cambridge)
    Merch: (Artist: The Reklaws)
    Single: Beer Me (Artist: James Barker Band)
    Shakin’ In Them Boots (Artist: Jade Eagleson)
    Marketing Campaign: Dean Brody x NHLPA (Artist: Dean Brody)
    Tour Marketing/Live Show Element: Northern Anthem (Artist: Dean Brody)
    Brand Launch: EPK (Artist: Griffen Palmer)

  • Design Team: Devin Cooper, Chad Murphy
    Album: Good Things Deluxe Album Package
    Brand Guide, Limited Edition Record Book (Artist: Devin Cooper)

  • Design Team: Chris Doi, Roberta Landreth, Kyle McKearney, Jeff Ojeda
    Album, single art: A Traveler’s Lament (Artist: Kyle McKearney)

  • Design Team: Brandon Ferguson, Lloyd Norman
    Some Things Never Change Tour, Tour Photography Album, Tour Videography Assets, Tour Merch Promo (Artists: Dallas Smith, Shawn Austin, Jojo Mason, Andrew Hyatt, Kelly Prescott)

Record Producer(s) of the Year

  • Jeff Coplan, Deric Ruttan – Album: Talk To Time (Artist: Tim Hicks)
  • Russell Broom, Kyle McKearney – Album: A Traveler’s Lament (Artist: Kyle McKearney)
  • Scott Cooke – Album: Four Good Years (Artist: Andrew Hyatt)
  • Danick Dupelle – Single: Back To Drinkin’ Whiskey (Artist: Tyler Joe Miller), Single: Never Met A Beer (Artist: Tyler Joe Miller, Matt Lang)
  • Joey Moi – Single: One Too (Artist: Dallas Smith, MacKenzie Porter)

Video Director of the Year

  • Ben Knechtel (Cambridge)
  • AJ Astle
  • Travis Nesbitt
  • Ryan Nolan
  • OUDi (Crystal Leigh)

Radio Station of the Year (Large Market)

  • CHKX-FM (Hamilton, ON)
  • CFCW (Edmonton, AB)
  • CJJR-FM (Vancouver, BC)
  • CKDK-FM (London, ON)
  • CKKL-FM (Ottawa, ON)

Country Personalitie(s) of the Year

Entertainer of the Year 

  • Dean Brody
  • Jade Eagleson
  • Dallas Smith
  • Tenille Townes
  • Shania Twain

Female Artist of the Year 

  • Tenille Arts
  • Lindsay Ell
  • MacKenzie Porter
  • Tenille Townes
  • Shania Twain

Bass Player of the Year

  • Lisa Dodd Watts
  • Lisa Jacobs
  • Justin Kudding
  • Mark Rynkun
  • Holt Stuart Hitchcox

Drummer of the Year

  • Matthew Atkins
  • Flavio Cirillo
  • Rich DaSilva
  • Brendan Lyons
  • Greg Williamson

Keyboard Player of the Year

  • Matt Koebel
  • Brendon Schmidt
  • Brendan Waters
  • Scott Wilkinson

Radio Station of the Year (Medium or Small Market)

  • CHCQ-FM (Belleville, ON)
  • CJXL-FM (Moncton, NB)
  • CKGY-FM (Red Deer, AB)
  • CKLJ-FM (Olds, AB)
  • CKXC-FM (Kingston, ON)

Booking Agency of the Year

  • Action Entertainment Collaborative
  • The Feldman Agency
  • Invictus Entertainment Group
  • Paquin Artists Agency
  • Sakamoto Agency

Country Club of the Year

  • Cook County Saloon (Edmonton, AB)
  • The King Eddy (Calgary, AB)
  • Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall (Calgary, AB)
  • Rock ‘N’ Horse Saloon (Toronto, ON)
Country Festival, Fair or Exhibition of the Year
  • Big Valley Jamboree (Camrose, AB)
  • Boots And Hearts Music Festival (Oro-Medonte, ON)
  • Calgary Stampede (Calgary, AB)
  • Cavendish Beach Music Festival (Cavendish, PEI)
  • LASSO Montreal (Montreal, QC)

Country Music Program or Special of the Year

  • Boomers Canadian Club (Rogers Digital Media)
  • Canada’s Country Radio (Apple Music)
  • Christmas Time with Tenille Townes 2022 (Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc)
  • The Road Less Travelled (Stingray)
  • A Washboard Union Christmas Special (Washboard Union Prod Inc)

Management Company of the Year

  • Big Loud Management
  • The Core Entertainment
  • MDM Artist Management Services
  • Simkin Artist Management
  • Starseed Entertainment

Music Publishing Company of the Year

  • Anthem Entertainment Group
  • Big Loud Publishing
  • Sony Music Publishing
  • Universal Music Publishing
  • Warner Chappell Music Canada

Record Company of the Year

  • Big Loud Records
  • MDM Recordings Inc.
  • Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
  • Universal Music Canada
  • Warner Music Canada

Industry Person of the Year

  • Paul Biro (Sakamoto Agency)
  • Warren Copnick (Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc)
  • Mike Denney (MDM Recordings Inc.)
  • Brianne Deslippe (Big Loud Records)
  • Amanda Kingsland (Universal Music Canada)

Recording Studio of the Year

  • Barrytone Studios (Miramichi, NB)
  • Bart McKay Productions (Saskatoon, SK)
  • MCC Recording Studio (Calgary, AB)
  • OCL Studios (Chestermere, AB)
  • Revolution Recording (Toronto, ON)

Retailer or Commercial Platform of the Year

  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Spotify Canada Inc.

Talent Buyer of the Year

  • Paul Biro (Sakamoto Agency)
  • Dan Clapson (Blue Jay Sessions)
  • Jim Cressman (Invictus Entertainment Group)
  • Brooke Dunford (Republic Live)
  • Adam Oppenheim (Stampede Entertainment)

Innovative Campaign of the Year

  • “Let ‘Em Lie” Release Highlights – (Kyle McKearney & Don Amero)
  • Mastering of “Master of Puppets” – (Hailey Benedict)
  • “She Don’t Know” Wedding Contest – (Jade Eagleson)
  • “Surprise Party” Album Release – (Mallory Johnson)
  • “What Colour You Drive” Content and Fan Contest – (Hunter Brothers)

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Vote for the 2023 Hamilton Spectator Readers' Choice Awards

Below is a complete list of music-related nominees. Please click the picture above for the complete listings. Deadline to vote is August 21, 2023)