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Friday, October 25, 2019

Hamilton's Shawn O'Halloran Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of the talented Hamilton musician, Shawn O'Halloran. He passed away on Thursday, October 24, 2019 . Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Click here for his obituary.

Shawn was a veteran of the area music scene and had played with Crowbar, King Biscuit Boy, Trickbag, the StingraysNeon Moonand was a celebrated solo act as well.

A word from Lou, our blogger
I was lucky enough to meet Shawn on a number of occasions and considered him a good friend. He was extremely friendly and humble plus had immense musical talent. I will miss him terribly.
There was lots of social media reaction to his passing. Here are a few examples. We will add more as we discover them.

Michael Hickey
I was glad to have played with him in Trickbag all those years ago...the original Trickbag. Paul and Donna...Larry and Lindsey Shawn and me....The last show I played with Shawn was a CD release show for his last recording...included in that band our friend Carl Horton....also not with us any more. So sad. My pal Michael J. Birthelmer had been working on a new CD of Shawn's...he was a good songwriter...that CD is almost done...so I'm told...you know something? sometimes life seems so unfair...mostly we font get a chance to say goodbye...but we do get to remember the music....rest Shawn...God Bless....
Bill Dillon
We'd just finished an album that he sang some backgrounds for, he did a beautiful job, what a gorgeous voice, such a lovely guy,, and I was to play on a track for Shawn's yet to be finished and mixed record.
A lifelong member of Hamilton's music community and dear close friend to so many left in shock today, we just turn around and they're gone. 
Thank you Shawn for your friendship, your fine example, and your gift to all.
There's a special place for you now, our hearts.
George Bakhuis (Neon Moon)
A sad day for NEON MOONERS. Shawn O'Halloran who was our bass player for a few years in NEON MOON passed away. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Our condolences to Shawn's family and friends.
 James Anthony
He was the bass player in my Father in law Ernie Vargas band years ago and I played with him a few times also. Great guy. I wish I knew him better. I took him up to Gravenhurst once for a weeks gig.

Links: Shawn O'Halloran, More Shawn O'Halloran Stories, Videos above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

Blast from the Past: Shawn's Jumpin' the Gun on Mardis Grad Album Review

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Videos: Cootes Paradise, Smoke Wagon, Big John, Bucket List)

On Saturday, October 26, Hamilton's Stonewalls Restaurant will be rocking to a good cause. From 12-6pm, a number of incredible steeltown artists will be performing to help help raise money for the Bob Pedler Memorial Fund. It's only $10 and you'll be guaranteed a great time!

From the event's press release:
It (the fund) raises money for the Local’s BOB PEDLER FUND which financially
aids Hamilton musicians who are unable to perform due to injury or ongoing health issues. The fund is named for the late BOB PEDLER, a popular musician and music store owner in the city and a former member of the executive board of the Hamilton Musicians’ Guild. Bob is also the father of the well- known Hamilton based drummer Jack Pedler (Teenage Head).
Also, during the event, the George R Robinson Award will be handed out to our friend and sponsor Judy Marsales and Dr. John Chong of the Hamilton Musicians’ Clinic. The award is given every year to individuals who have helped support local live music.

Here are few videos from the performers.

Links: Cootes ParadiseMore Cootes Paradise Stories, Video above courtesy of Montreal Blues Society

Links: Smoke Wagon Blues BandMore Smoke Wagon Blues Band StoriesVideo above courtesy of Corey Lueck

Links: Big John and the Night TrippersMore Big John Stories, More Sam and Dave Covers/StoriesVideo above courtesy of Big John and the Night Trippers

Links: Bucket ListMore Bucket List StoriesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton's Bucket List Band - Topic

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hamilton Music Legend Dallas Harms Passes

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Canadian Country Music Legend Dallas Harms. The fabled Hamiltonian passed away on October 12, 2019. Our condolences to his family, friend and fans.

Dallas had many chart-topping hits including his number one smash Honky Tonkin' (All Night Long) and  Paper Rosie (later recorded by American Gene Watson as a top 3 single and title track to his album).

He was inducted to the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989 and won the Hamilton Music Awards Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.  Also Paper Rosie was inducted into Canadian Songwriting Hall of Fame in 2018.

Click here for the Hamilton Spectator story.

Click here for the FYI Music News story.

There was a lot of social media reaction regarding his passing. Here are a few samples:

James Anthony
My father in law Ernie Varga goes back many years with him. Dallas was with him when my wife was born...I played with him a few times and he gave me his old Sunn amp a few years back. RIP. Sad news.
George Belmore
It was an honour to play for you and call you friend. Godspeed.
He brought Rock and Roll to Canada in the form of RONNIE HAWKINS!
We'll add more comments as we find them.

Links: Dallas HarmsMore Dallas Harms Stories, Videos above courtesy of K Burgess

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Art Blakey's 100th Birthday

Today (Friday, October 11, 2019) would have been the late American Jazz legend Art Blakey's 100th birthday.

We asked a number of local drummers for their thoughts on this unforgettable musical titan. Hera re the quotes:

Sean O'Grady
His peers in the 50’s used to call him Thunder. No holding back and not worrying about sounding polite, Art Blakey along with Max Roach and Kenny Clarke practically invented Be Bop drumming. Be Bop bent and broke the rules of harmony, melody & rhythm that defined jazz music up t’il then. Later as a “hard bopper”
Art also started incorporating elements of R & B and Latin music into his style and his repertoire. As a young rocker , when I first heard Art Blakey I was drawn to his energy but struggled with his sound. The drums were tuned really high and didn’t have the big thuddy decay that I was used to hearing. I later realized that sound helped a drummer of the time cut through on stage and on recording sessions so your parts and licks would speak when you needed to be heard! 
My friend and killer drummer Dave King saw him live shortly before he died. Dave said they had to help him on stage but when he sat down all the fire was still there! If you don’t grow up with jazz music many young players think they need to be quiet and subtle to sound authentic. Certainly dynamics are a major part of jazz drumming but jazz also needs to be in your face and joyful and free spirited just the way Art Blakey played night after night.
He was a mentor to countless young musicians over 30 years of leading the Jazz Messengers and remains an inspiration to me and countless musicians all over the world! Mr. Blakey was also known as an appreciator of not just song, but wine and women as well. He would have fit right in here in Hamilton.
Robin Pirson (New Rebel Westerners)
He was such a musical player! I loved the way he incorporated rudiments into his playing and solos....he had one of the finest press rolls I  ever encountered.... yet his technique never overshadowed his musicality.
Cassius Pereira
He was a legend, I used to listen to A Night at the Birdland a lot when I was younger, it was one of those special records. As a drummer, just a big thank you for being such an inspiration!
Now for some videos from the man himself.

Video above courtesy of 60otaku4

Video above courtesy of DRUMMERWORLD by Bernhard Castiglioni

Video above courtesy of Jazz at Ronnie Scott's

Links: Art BlakeyOther 100th birthdays

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