Monday, November 4, 2019

Debut Album from Hamilton's Matty Simpson is a Hard Rockin', Powerful, Musical Statement

Strange Weather,  the debut full-length album from Hamilton's Matty Simpson will grab you, shake you, and take you on a wild ride you'll never forget.  From its opening salvo of classic rock meets alternative (Come Upstairs) to the rootsy beauty of the closing number (Headlights on the Horizon), each song demand your attention.

Matty's made quite the opening statement to kick off his recording career. The guitar wails and the vocals punch through to make themselves known. Most of the tunes are hard rockin', infectious and powerful. The slower tunes also show off his incredible versatility.

Justine Fischer (bass, keys) and Matt Burns (drums, percussion) round out the trio that made that deliver this musical manifesto. They do an amazing job of adding to the incredible sound of the piece. All three produced the disc as well, along with Jeff Ciraolo and Andrew Aldridge.

The album can be picked up at Matty's explosive shows, as well as at his website, Amazon Music, Picks N Sticks and Dr. Disc.

Blast from the Past: Matty's Teaser EP

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