Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Crybaby is Resurrected with Remarkable New Album

It's taken twenty years but Crybaby has been resurrected like a Phoenix and is now blazing a musical trail with reborn energy. Paintings, the incredible debut album was released to much international fanfare in the mid 90s. Sadly, they broke up after only four years together but now they're back in action!

Hamilton songstress Rae Billing recently revived her critically acclaimed alt-country band, A while back, the reformed group unleashed Still, a remarkable new album that'll help cement its well-deserved legacy as one of the most spectacular country bands on the scene.

Rae's expressive voice is in full force here, backed by a beautiful, rich sonic landscape. There's a lot for the listener to explore and lose themselves in.

Along with original members, Rae (guitar, vocals) Steve Koch (guitar) and Lucky Pete Lambert (drums) the gang is now joined by Andrew Aldridge (guitar), Greg Brisco (piano, rhodes, organ) and Scott Bell (bass). James Henry plays on bass on two songs.

This dazzling album can be added to your collection though their live shows, the band's siteDr. DiscRevolution Records or cdbaby,

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